Cover by Michelle Zhuang

Somewhere there is a boy standing on a rainy playground at a cloudy sunset hanging onto a fistful of colorful balloons that stand out defiantly among the asphalt and gray-brown mulch land that he inhabits.
As the rain wears rivulets into his skin and the stones around him, it occurs to him suddenly in the way perspective does that his entire life is one enormous recursive hinge. There is a question that will send him deeper and deeper down layers of nested paths, some twisted and dark, others light of step and smooth, others still every variation and gradient between, if he makes a choice. If.
If is a foundational argument in computer logic, a corporate slogan, an excuse to many, but above all it is the question humanity has always tried to answer, the clever heroes of myth and equally great philosophers and scientists asking and answering hypotheses through experimentation and adventure.
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