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Art by Riley Kerns

Gender biased research proves fatal

Sarah Ding March 27, 2020

The male and female physiologies are different down to the cellular level⁠. Females have two X chromosomes but no Y chromosomes while men have one of each. Men have a 36% greater skeletal muscle mass...

Close up woman hands using sanitizer gel dispenser, against Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

COVID-19 misinformation fuels racist sentiments and reactions

Audrey Novinger March 17, 2020
Students respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and discuss the racism surrounding the pandemic.
Illustrated by Moy Zhong.

Varying viewpoints on vaccinations facilitate discussion

Emily Oba February 27, 2019

From Buddhist monks drinking snake venom in the 17th Century as an inoculation to snake bites, and the 17th century english using cowpox as a protection against smallpox, vaccinations have been around...

Feature photo by Allie Pigg

Drug addiction: a choice or disease

Jordyn Thompson October 10, 2018
The controversial issue of drug addiction. Two opposite belief's of if drug addiction is caused by a disease or a choice.
Alzheimers slowly unravels identity

Alzheimer’s slowly unravels identity

Nikol Slatinska May 3, 2018
Learning how to prevent this disease is becoming more and more critical, as its prevalence is increasing; the medical journal Neurology reported that the number of people with the illness will triple by 2050.
Photo of counselor consulting with student

Students struggle with mental illnesses in schools

Kayla West May 16, 2017

Certain high school students like junior Nikki Briggs have experienced the negative effects of mental illness. During Briggs’ freshman year, it was hard for her to understand the disorder she was battling,...

Early Answers give peace, problems

Early Answers give peace, problems

Rochita Ghosh February 18, 2017
The philosophical debate of whether or not it is better to know or be unaware that something bad will happen has always been around. But in the 21 century, the technology finally exists to look into the future to predict disease.
Antibiotic resistance threatens modern health care

Antibiotic resistance threatens modern health care

Grace Dorsey January 30, 2016
Antibiotic resistance has risen substantially throughout the years and will become a huge problem in the coming years.
Societal stereotypes misconstrue homelessness

Societal stereotypes misconstrue homelessness

San Diego resident Deborah Bilkovic lives her life day to day. Being homeless, however, this wasn’t a lifestyle decision she had the leisure to make, but rather one she had to make. Bilkovic has a heart...

Cover by Michelle Zhuang


The Rock and Bearing News Staff March 15, 2013

Somewhere there is a boy standing on a rainy playground at a cloudy sunset hanging onto a fistful of colorful balloons that stand out defiantly among the asphalt and gray-brown mulch land that he inhabits. As...

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‘I Am Breathing’ beautifully depicts life’s last moments

Urmilla Kuttikad March 3, 2013

I can't cry when I'm sad. No matter how tragic a movie is, no matter how much I want to cry, I can't, which just ends up making me emotionally exhausted. And I Am Breathing is one of the most beautifully...

art by Hyelee Won

Cultural differences affect diagnoses of disorders

Afsah Khan December 16, 2012

While flu season infects anywhere from five percent to 20 percent of the U.S. population, some diseases aren’t spread through viral or bacterial means. Some diseases and conditions are spread through...

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