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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Junior Kaley Webber

Day of Silence quiets hallways

Maddie Magruder April 19, 2013

Junior Jazzmine Matthews talks just as much as she breathes. But today, not a single word left her mouth. She is participating in the Day of Silence, a “day of action in which students across the country...

Junior Claire Herndon auditions for CAPERS by singing “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia. Senior David Wang will accompany her on piano.

Capers acts announced, performers handle anxiety

Luke Wyrick April 18, 2013

Students have utilized hours upon hours to practice talents they plan to display this year at the RBHS CAPERS talent show. The 22 performances will contain an array of singing, dancing and even a barbershop...

Mathematics teacher Amanda Dablemont assists junior Tim Stewart on a worksheet. She works with him one-on-one to solve a problem. Photo by Luke Wyrick

Teaching methods prove beneficial

Luke Wyrick March 16, 2013

While students sit in class and tirelessly listen to their instructors lecture and scribble down notes, this manner of  teaching is only one of many that exist in the teaching world. The thought of how...

Backstage preparation allows for relaxed performance

Luke Wyrick March 11, 2013

Video shot by Luke Wyrick, made by Daphne Yu Speaking dramatically and conversing with one another in accents corresponding with the light-hearted play “A Midsummer’s Jersey,” a backstage room filled...

‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ equipped with satisying 3D visuals, rushed plot

Luke Wyrick January 12, 2013

Throughout the years, originating with the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie made in 1974, Leatherface has been a horrifying product of mass murder that has ever since intrigued the American population....

Decorating a tee and watching Charlie Brown is part of some peoples Christmas. Photo by Bailey Stover

Modern traditions unite family members

Luke Wyrick December 24, 2012

While children are waking up on Christmas Day after a long night of dreaming about sugar plums and impatiently waiting for Santa’s arrival, the preparation for this moment every December is different...

Meet your homecoming assembly emcees

Meet your homecoming assembly emcees

Luke Wyrick October 11, 2012

Seniors Emily Baird and Troy Guthrie will be emcees for the first assembly of the 2012 school year. Senior Emily Baird How did you become an emcee? "Troy Guthrie asked me to be one with him." What job...

Bruin Cup takes place of sport banquets

Luke Wyrick May 21, 2012

With only days left in the 2011-2012 school year, the long-awaited senior activities come to a close. The end-of-the-year assembly, prom and graduation have always been a traditional part of this, but...

Take Care takes care of audiences heart

‘Take Care’ takes care of audience’s heart

Luke Wyrick December 15, 2011

The highly anticipated sophomore album Take Care has brought to Drake fans more emotion, pain and easily relatable lyrics than ever. From the beginning to end of his album he comes out swinging with deep...

Mexicans celebrate traditional holiday

Mexicans celebrate traditional holiday

Luke Wyrick October 27, 2011

Night dawns over ancient Mexico. Adults and children dance on graves, singing and praising the dead in the moonlight. From what sounds like the start of a horror movie is actually a holiday the citizens...

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