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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

The Rock and Bearing News Staff November 13, 2012

As Alice stepped through the Looking Glass and into Wonderland, she entered a world that, while unique seemingly mirrored her own. But Alice quickly discovered there was more to this new world than what...

End of Course exams change

Kirsten Buchanan May 14, 2012

Changes are coming to the End of Course (EOC) assessment program, according to an email sent by Nick Kremer, Columbia Public Schools coordinator of Language Arts for grades six through 12. During the next...

Temperatures, roof construction cause distractions

Kirsten Buchanan March 14, 2012

The average high for this time of year is 55 degrees according to The Weather Channel. However, with the weather this week topping 80 degrees, problems are arising as temperatures inside RBHS climb. According...

Lawsuit questions privacy of Facebook

Kirsten Buchanan March 11, 2012

“What’s on your mind?” Facebook prompted a 12-year-old girl in Minnesota in early 2011 before she posted her status. She typed her thoughts indicating she “hated” a hall monitor who was “mean”...

Seniors Nikhilesh Sharma, Bill Milanick, Sachin Nair, Jack Schoelz, Emily Smith and Ukiah Johnson discuss plans for the sister school Choula A at last Wednesdays Global Issues meeting. Photo by Avantika Khatri

Clubs collaborate to raise money for Darfuri sister school

Kirsten Buchanan March 6, 2012

During the summer Global Issues began planning to sponsor Choula A, a school in a Darfuri refugee camp in southeastern Chad known as Goz Amer. Through Darfur Dream Team, a program initiated by NBA player...

Sign language provides fresh views

Kirsten Buchanan February 26, 2012

My fingers traced a grin on my face. Smile. My forefinger rotated in a circle by my head. Wonder. I was silently talking — communicating with sign language. I first saw sign language at a rock concert...

Teenagers prepare for wisdom teeth removal

Kirsten Buchanan February 24, 2012

For many teenagers, getting their wisdom teeth out is a quick, if not painless, operation. However, for one 17-year-old Maryland girl, the simple procedure turned fatal. Last April Jenny Olenick died...

Positivity makes good times shine

Kirsten Buchanan January 31, 2012

In theory, it should have been a good day. It hadn’t sounded too bad when we first heard about it. A month ago, when my church gave us the opportunity to help out at the annual “Fall Family Fun Feast,”...

TV show shines fame on truckers

Kirsten Buchanan December 24, 2011

A trip to Midway Truck Stop, 6401 Highway 40 West, had been an average outing for owner Joe Bechtold. Located just outside of Columbia, it held a diner, gas station and antique mall, among other businesses....

The art of lying

The art of lying

Kirsten Buchanan December 13, 2011

Lying in families Cringing, senior Amelia Williams runs through her options. She can tell her dad the truth – that she doesn’t want to visit him because it will caused problems between her divorced...

4 arrests made in shooting near RBHS

4 arrests made in shooting near RBHS

Avantika Khatri November 22, 2011

A RBHS student's car was hit as a result of the shooting on Monday. The student said the shots sounded like firecrackers going off or bricks being dropped. The license plate has been altered to protect...

Shots fired near north parking lot

Shots fired near north parking lot

Sami Pathan November 21, 2011

Administrators placed Rock Bridge High School and Columbia Area Career Center on an external lock down during fourth hour today as a result of shots fired from a car near the north parking lot at 1:15...

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