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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Art by Rachel Stevens.

LGBTQ athletes find community within athletics

Bailey Stover February 25, 2020

In sixth grade sophomore Zachary Willmore said he knew he was gay when he memorized all the lyrics to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” While he doesn’t watch sports often, he said Minaj is the closest...

Junior William Hormann and senior Mai Gagnon decorate cookies at the Gay-Straight Alliance Valentines Day party after school Tuesday, Feb. 10. Photo by Ana Manzano.

GSA hosts second annual Valentine’s Day party; members express need for increased, positive LGBTQ representation

Bailey Stover February 14, 2020

After school Tuesday, Feb. 11, RBHS’ Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hosted its second annual RBHS Valentine’s Day party with students from three Columbia Public Schools (CPS) high schools and some middle...

Free use photo provided by Unsplash.

Further legislation paramount for eliminating workplace discrimination

Will Cover February 5, 2020

Fifty-two percent of LGBTQ people in the U.S. live in states where they can be fired, harassed, passed over for a job or otherwise discriminated against in the workplace because of the lack of civil rights...

Photo by Ana Manzano

GSA creates safe, welcoming environment for members

Ana Manzano January 29, 2020

After school, Tuesday, Dec. 10, chatter fills room 337 as the members of Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) prepare for their weekly meeting. The mood light, students sit on tables and counters, laughing and...

Photo by Sarah Mosteller

Social pressures delegitimize bisexuality

Turner DeArmond January 22, 2020

In seventh grade, I told one of my closest friends that I was starting to experience attraction to the same gender. This was an unbelievably important moment for me, as it was the first time I had told...

Art by Snowy Li.

Coming out for clout disrespects LGBTQ community

Sarah Mosteller January 22, 2020

More than 1,000 hate crimes based on sexual-orientation are reported every year. Historic events such as the Orlando shooting, killing 49 at a gay nightclub, or Stonewall, where police violently raided...

LGBTQ students navigate bathroom struggles

LGBTQ students navigate bathroom struggles

Brandon Kim January 15, 2020

Only one gender-neutral bathroom exists at RBHS. It’s in the nurse’s office, so transgender students use the boys’ restroom or the girls’ bathroom, causing them to make a choice every time they...

Art by Snowy Li

Timeline: Important events in LGBTQ history

Turner DeArmond December 18, 2019

[TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Container][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date="1914" event_dateicon="dashicons-calendar" event_title="Medical article says participation in women's suffrage movement due to homosexuality"...

Timeline: History of LGBTQ representation in film

Timeline: History of LGBTQ representation in film

Ana Manzano January 10, 2019

[TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Container timeline_preloader="0"][TS_VCSC_Timeline_CSS_Event event_date="1919" event_title="``Different From the Others``" media_type="image" media_image="323947"]"Different From...

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