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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Art done by Sable Smith

Lunar New Year Welcomes the Dragon

Sable Smith, Artist/Writer February 12, 2024

2024 is the year of the Dragon, and every year on the second new moon after the winter solstice, Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring festival, is celebrated in China and places with Chinese culture.  3,500...

Unofficial fanart by Viria

Expression and character, Viria

Joanna Yu April 27, 2017

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, I will be writing about the work of another internet artist. Featured in this post is Viktoria Ridzel, also known to many online fans as Viria or Vika; She is...

Art by Glenn Arthur

The elegance of Glenn Arthur

Joanna Yu April 26, 2017

Hello again and welcome back to Drawing the Lines! In this installment, I will be focusing on the work of an artist who inspires me to further explore a range of traditional materials and portraiture:...

Art by Zyra Bañez

Breadth of exploration, Zyra Bañez

Joanna Yu April 25, 2017

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, I will be showcasing the work of one artist that combines the elegance and endless creativity of fashion illustration with her original art pieces. Zyra Bañez...

Art by Meyoco

Transcending waves, Meyoco

Joanna Yu February 8, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Drawing the Lines! This week, I will be exploring the work of yet another of my greatest artistic aspirations and one of the artists that greatly influenced my own work: Meyoco....

Art by Trungles

The inkwork of Trungles

Joanna Yu November 24, 2016

This week, I’ll be continuing my exploration of using ink by looking at another one of my favorite artists, the fabulous Trungles! A creator based in the United States, Trungles’ art captivates his...

Unofficial fan art by MaryDoodles

A focus on artist, MaryDoodles

Joanna Yu November 8, 2016

Hello hello! Joanna here, and welcome back to this cozy nook of Bearing News! In this week’s installment, I will be moving away from digital art to the world of traditional mediums to detail the work...

Unofficial fan art by Knight Zhang

The works of Knight Zhang

Joanna Yu October 27, 2016

Hello again! Joanna here, and welcome back to my little corner of Bearing News! This week, I will be focusing on the work of one of my all-time favorite artists, Knight Zhang. Knight, also known by their...

Frost Before Thaw

Frost Before Thaw

Amy Blevins January 27, 2014

There is something interesting about the malleable nature of water in any form; solid, liquid, gas. The ease this compound has with molding to any shape, around any form and encompassing countless objects,...

Night Light

Night Light

Amy Blevins December 5, 2013

When shooting photos, light is what makes it possible to capture the images. I love night photography because the light source is very isolated which can create a mystical mood. In these images I was...

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Amy Blevins November 14, 2013

When I step outside, the vibrant colors of fall surround me and when the cold winds of winter comes, I want to remember what autumn is like. Here are some moments that I captured...   [slideshow_deploy...

Emerging Photographer

Emerging Photographer

Amy Blevins October 2, 2013

[slideshow_deploy id='252749'] I've always loved taking photos and making videos. At 15 I bought my first DSLR camera and started my career as a photographer. My first paid job was taking senior pictures...

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