Baking, Pastry class offers treats

Parker Sutherland

The halls of the Career Center have been filled by the enticing scent of sugar and baked joy. The Baking and Pastry class is hosting their first ever French bistro pastry bake sale today and tomorrow between 9:30 a.m.and 3 p.m in room 170.
Selling everything between fruit tarts to almond roulade to truffles to cream puffs, the baking and pastry team has been occupied selling and baking more to meet demand.
“Well, we opened at nine and the case was full,” Chef Risner said smiling and pointing to the half empty display case.
Most of the profit will go to Skills USA, which is a student operated organization dedicated to arts such as welding and culinary.
As more and more students and adults alike drift in to purchase some of the sweets, it becomes increasingly evident the preorders far exceed the expected sales but there is still the chance to pick up a slice of decadent almond roulade to help out the class.
By Cory Cullen