DIY mustache mug


photo by Manal Salim

Manal Salim

photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim
Rather than my usual scroll through the Food and Drinks tab on Pinterest, I recently decided to look at the DIY projects the site had to offer. After about an hour of searching, all I found myself doing was poring over such complex, yet creative crafts, labeled as “Do-it-yourself,” but realistically, I knew I would never be able to recreate them, regardless of how hard I tried.
I finally stumbled upon this amazingly cute DIY mustache mug that even I thought I was potentially capable of making with my unfortunate lack of artistic skill.
All you’ll need is:

  • 1 solid colored ceramic mug (Your choice of color, but I went with a plain white)
  • Scissors
  • 1 sharpie marker
  • Tape
  • Print-out of a cartoon mustache*

*You can use any mustache style of your choosing, but the one I used is from here.

photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim
To make your own fun mug:
1. Take the cartoon mustache print-out and fold it in half. Take the scissors and snip the center of the mustache picture to make a hole to start cutting out the mustache from the inside. You want to then cut the black mustache part out, thus leaving the white outside with a hole for the mustache stencil.
2. Place the mustache stencil wherever you would like on your mug, and then tape the stencil down securely.
3. Color in the mustache-shaped hole with the sharpie marker, carefully outlining and filling in the mustache to the best of your ability. Allow to dry for a minute or two to avoid any smudging.
4. Carefully remove the stencil from the mug by taking off the tape, and you will be left with a mustache on your mug. At this point, you can take the marker and touch up any areas that may have not been drawn on smoothly, to create the perfect mustache design.
photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim
5. Lastly, place the mug into the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. After this, your beautiful mustache design will be able to stay on your mug. I would recommend just hand-washing the mug, as I read on Pinterest that sometimes the dishwasher can actually slightly rub off the sharpie design.
After completing this project, I can now look back on the activity and feel proud of myself for actually being able to fulfill an artistic task with some decent results. I can personally just imagine how this little adorable mug will cheer up my winter nights as I curl up with a blanket and a mustache mug full of hot tea. Not only can you enjoy this DIY yourself, but also, a mustache mug could be the perfect, quick and easy gift for a friend, family member or anyone else special to you this holiday season, or really anytime at all.
And by no means should you feel restricted to draw just a mustache, as this trick can be used with absolutely any desired design.
photo by Manal Salim
photo by Manal Salim
With simple items that I was quickly able to find in my house, I was able to create a fun DIY project that I am sure I will enjoy. So, whether you plan to keep this mug or give it away, I would highly recommend giving this idea a try, as I am pretty sure you’ll love it as much as I do.
Source here.
By Manal Salim 
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