Bearing News Sports Presents: Preview to the 2023 Super Bowl

Josiah Anderson, Sports, A&E Editor

For the past 23 weeks, millions of people have gathered in homes and bars around the U.S. to watch football. But on Sunday, Feb. 12, tens of millions more will gather to view the game that signifies the pinnacle of those first 23 weeks: the Super Bowl.

14 teams made the cut for the 2022-2023 postseason. Less than a month later, those 14 whittled down to the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Both teams were given the top seed going into the postseason and shared the same 14-3 win to loss record throughout the regular season. Outside of these statistics, however, the similarities are limited. 

The Chiefs boast the highest-scoring offense throughout the regular season, leaning heavily into the passing game of quarterback Patrick Mahomes II, tight end Travis Kelce and head coach Andy Reid. The Eagles, on the other hand, rely on a star-studded offensive line, explosive receivers A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith and quarterback Jalen Hurts’ highly mobile style to put points on the board. 

More interesting than this clash of styles are perhaps the storylines going into the game and the connections the teams share.

Prior to coaching the Chiefs from 2013 to present, head coach Andy Reid coached in the City of Brotherly Love for 14 years, even taking the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Further, high school teammates linebacker Willie Gay for the Chiefs and wide receiver AJ Brown for the Eagles will face off. 

Super Bowl 57 will also be making history, as it will be the first time two Black quarterbacks face off against each other. What’s more, both had pro-bowl caliber seasons, marking them as some of the league’s biggest stars. While Mahomes will likely be the league’s Most Valuable Player, Jalen Hurts is not far behind. 

Both teams have an incredibly talented roster made up of pro-bowlers and future hall of fame-rs. Two of these future legends even happen to be brothers. Tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and center Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles are both known as two of the best to ever play their respective positions. They also mark the first time that two brothers have played each other in the Super Bowl. 

During the season and postseason, the brothers started a podcast called “New Heights,” which has attracted thousands of fans from all across the country. From retired pro legends like Rob Gronkowski to current rising stars, the Kelce brothers have accumulated hours of entertaining content. 

Outside of history, the Super Bowl poses a unique opportunity to bring family and friends together. Watch parties and potlucks allow for a multitude of interesting games to be played, even for those who do not enjoy yelling at the TV. 

While classic yard games are perfect for any Super Bowl party, another fan-favorite game is the friendly bet. Putting wagers on for the scores at the end of the game or the result of the coin toss are great ways to get engaged. Other times the fun is betting on the watchers themselves. 

Whether it be who screams at the referees first or who has the most embarrassing touchdown dance, there are infinite ways to enjoy the Super Bowl and — while remembering to be responsible for one’s choices — there is hardly a way to go wrong. 

So open a bag of chips and settle into the couch. It might be a turbulent ride, but no matter the score, Super Bowl 57 will certainly be one to remember.


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