Winter play “Noises Off” brings talented student actors together


Bailey Blackburn

Junior Judah Belzer and senior Gram Coalier in “Noises Off.”

Nora Crutcher-McGowan, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s winter play, “Noises Off,” closed Saturday, Feb. 12, with four performances taking place from Feb. 10 through Feb. 12.

“Noises Off” is a 1982 play written by Michael Frayn, a British playwright who was inspired by the naturally funny moments of backstage life during a play’s production. Sandy Welty, theater director at RBHS and director of “Noises Off,” described the show as a “British farce,” with “laughter and fun and more laughter” radiating from the script. 

“It is about a cast of actors and actresses and crew members that have been working together on tour and mishap and mayhem occurs,” Welty said. “As the tour continues, relationships start, stop and start over again, and you get to see what goes on behind the scenes.”

Senior Gram Coalier played Garry in “Noises Off,” who’s character also plays Roger in the play “Nothing On” that is being depicted on tour. Both he and Welty noted the exceptional bond of the cast in this particular RBHS performance, with Coalier remarking on a lighthearted incident at the last rehearsal—for the cast, at least—in which “one line was missed, so we went forward three pages and then we had to go back and it was really just very entertaining.”

Welty praised RBHS theater students for their acting talents and said she was sad to see the show come to an end.

“Occasionally, you land a cast and crew that immediately click and become great friends and will probably be friends for life. The minute they read the script, they were laughing and enjoying all of the jokes and wanted to bring it to life and every rehearsal has been filled with  friendship, fellowship, laughter [and] talent,” Welty said. “I haven’t had to do a lot of heavy directing because they are naturally gifted and talented students.”

Junior Maddie Torres said she was encouraged by Coalier to come to auditions for the play. Despite Torres’ initial hesitancy to participate, she ended up auditioning and was casted as Poppy, who is the stage manager for the show in the play.  

“It was probably the best experience I’ve ever had doing a show before. I think the fact that it was a small cast really allowed us to get close as friends and enjoy the experience,” Torres said. “I love every one of these people and this show is definitely my motivation to keep doing them in the future.”

It seems the making of “Noises Off” was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. 

“This one’s gonna be really sad to see close,” Welty said. “This is one of those types of shows we wish we could continue the run a good couple of weeks and take it with us. We would love to be on tour like the story itself is on tour.”

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