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Girls’ tennis takes top five finishes in individual state tournaments

From left to right: coach Ben Loeb, sophomore Maggie Lin, senior Mary Frances Hose and senior Corine Farid pose for a picture during the awards ceremony at the girls’ tennis Class 2 State championships.

After losing a closely contested team match in the state quarterfinals against St. Teresa’s Academy, 4-5, Oct. 19, the girls’ tennis team hoped to capture two titles for the singles tournament and doubles tournament in the Class 2 individual state championships. 

The tournaments took place on hard courts at the Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield from Oct. 24 – Oct. 26. In the end, both the singles individual, sophomore Maggie Lin, and doubles team, consisting of seniors Corinne Farid and Mary Frances Hose, finished in fifth place.

“This state experience was a bit different compared to other years mainly because the team didn’t make it [to state]. It was a very different situation because of that,” Farid said. “For me, this was the first year we didn’t make it, but I couldn’t be prouder of all the girls on the team. They gave it their all in sectionals, and I was so happy and proud of their courage on and off the court.”

For Lin, the state individuals tournament was a valuable learning experience and a nice confidence booster.

“I’m very happy with my performance. I think I did well, and I wasn’t expecting to win some of my matches that I ended up winning,” Lin said. “I definitely didn’t think I would be fifth, so I’m happy about that.”

Although Lin lost her quarterfinal match 2-6, 0-6, she lost to the number one seeded individual and second place finisher Kathryn Marie Ferguson from Lafayette (Wildwood) High School.

“For the most part I think I played good defense and had a strong mental game,” Lin said. “From this season I learned how to come back from setbacks such as being down in a match or a dual. . . just staying in the moment and  keep playing.”

For the doubles team of Farid and Hose, this year’s individual state championship signified the end of their time in the program. As four-year members of the team, the two seniors were a part of a dynastic run from 2016 to 2018 where RBHS won three of its five team state championships in a row. Both girls knew each other before high school and said they had a great time playing together as a doubles team for the first time this season.

“I love playing with Mary; she’s very funny, and we get along very well,” Farid said. “I think our skills are very complementary because of our different styles of play. It’s been an amazing journey playing doubles with Mary, and I will miss it very much.”

Hose agreed with Farid, saying she enjoys playing doubles together.

“Corinne has a really good serve so a lot of times it sets me up for a good volley at the net. She also has a lot of energy which keeps me upbeat and focused.”

Hose described the disappointment when the team failed to qualify for the team state semifinals, and how that bummed mood only increased when Hose and Faird got an “unlucky draw” when it came to the seedings for the doubles state tournament.

The two seniors had to play the number one seeded doubles team of Elizabeth Choate and Alexis Woodman from St. Joseph’s Academy in their quarterfinal match. The opposing duo not only went on to win the doubles tournament, but St. Joseph’s Academy also won the Class 2 team state championship. 

Additionally, Faird and Hose were the only doubles team to push Choate and Woodman to a full three-set match, an admirable feat since Farid and Hose were the only team to knock a set off of Choate and Woodman. 

In fact, after Farid and Hose tied Choate and Woodman after the first two sets, 6-3 and 3-6, the Match transitioned into a third super tiebreakers, a 10-point match tiebreaker. In this sudden-death, points were scored untraditionally, and the first team to win 10 points by a two-point margin would prevail. Although Farid and Hose fought hard, they lost the final set with a score of 8-10.

With Hose and Farid looking to play collegiate tennis, they said their time with the program was priceless. Hose is considering two NCAA Division 3 schools or the University of Missouri –Columbia while Faird verbally committed to play tennis at the United States Naval Academy. Both girls agreed the moment was bittersweet and sadder than they expected.

“This season went by very fast, and we had a lot of great memories, but unfortunately it’s time to move on and see what next year holds,” Farid said. “I will miss my teammates so much, and I had so much fun getting to know everyone and going on this incredible journey together.”

Hose added she treated her matches differently, knowing her time winded down.

“I did enjoy playing my matches a lot more than previous years because I knew that they would be some of my last,” Hose said. “I also enjoyed getting closer to some of [my] younger teammates.”

Lin commentated on how helpful and supportive the seniors were for all the members of the team.

“The seniors on this team are awesome,” Lin said. “Mary is the funniest person ever; Corinne is the most supportive, and Gabi [Tella] it so sweet. They’re all good players, and I’ll miss them a lot.”

While it’s a tough time to say goodbye to the seniors, Lin and Loeb said they are already eyeing preparation for next season.

“I definitely plan on playing [during the offseason]. I play USTA (United States Tennis Association) tournaments, which help me become a stronger player through competitive play,” Lin said. “I hope to have a successful season next year. Not necessarily just for state, but also playing well in other matches and forming a strong bond with the team next year.”

What are your thoughts on the girls’ tennis season? How do you think the team will do next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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