The modern gent: an April lookbook


Will Napier

Old School
(Black sherpa lined denim jacket, grey newsboy cap, black t-shirt, grey pants, black low top converse)
The old school look I have put together mixes different pieces that typically wouldn’t be worn together. The dress pants, newsboy cap and scarf are a little fancier and usually wouldn’t be paired with a t-shirt.

James Dean
(Red denim jacket, white t-shirt, dark wash jeans, black high top converse)
James Dean is still regarded as one of the most fashionable men of all time. This outfit is inspired by his style in ‘Rebel Without A Cause.’ Dean only starred in three movies and his red nylon windbreaker is iconic in the style world. To add an updated look to the style, I chose a red denim jacket paired with Dean’s apparel of a white t-shirt with blue jeans. I also replaced black leather boots with black Converse Chuck Taylor II’s. The outfit is classic with 1950s greaser vibes. The red jacket adds vibrant color, compared to a leather jacket or a common denim jacket.

Source: IMDb, used under fair use
(Camel overcoat, dark wash denim jacket, black turtleneck, black jeans, black Chelsea boots)
This outfit was built around the classic denim jacket with the idea of adding new life to the jacket. Typically, one would wear a dark or light wash jacket as the outer layer, but I decided to use it as a middle layer. Because the base outfit consists of all black clothing, one could easily throw anything over it. Instead of simply wearing the denim jacket or just the camel coat, layering the camel coat over the denim jacket adds depth and stands out as an out-of-the-box style choice.