Boys’ baseball to face Boonville after 3-0 start to season


Ben Kimchi

[dropcap style=”simple” size=”4″]H[/dropcap]ead Coach Justin Towe has high hopes for the baseball team as it prepares to play Boonville today, following a strong start to their season (3-0). The March 22 game offers the Bruins a challenging opponent, Towe said.
“Even though they’re one of the smaller schools they’re one of the toughest schools in the state,” Towe said. “They have big time players ever year. it’s never an easy game.”
Towe and team members expect to see payoff for their intensive preparation. Junior Spencer Miles, a member of both the varsity baseball team, treats the game like any other.
“Every game is a big game to us,” Miles said. “We prepare the same whether we are playing the best or the worst team.”
The Bruins hope their one-size-fits-all approach to preparation will lead to success this season. Towe and seniors on the team share a common drive for the season: another district title.
“Our goal every year is to win district championship,” Towe said. “That’s what we shoot for, that’s what we works towards. We’ve been out of it a couple of years hopefully we can get back to it.”

“This year’s team has a real focus; we want to get to number nine, nine district championships. Boonville’s another stepping stone, we gotta play good.” —Senior Brant Scrivner”

Senior varsity player Brant Scrivner agrees with Towe as to the Bruin’s ultimate goal. Scrivner sees the importance of the Boonville game in terms of the district championship.
“This year’s team has a real focus; we want to get to number nine, nine district championships,” Scrivner said. “Boonville’s another stepping stone; we gotta play good.”
Success on the field means effective cooperation for the Bruins. Scrivner discerns the team’s leadership has fallen upon younger players this year. The leadership roles have shifted, but he feels that the team balance has worked out well.
“We haven’t won [the district championship] the past two years,” Scrivner said. “We’ve fallen short a little bit. I have high hopes [for this season]. Everyone’s focused, everyone practices hard, everyone works hard. I’m very proud of the talented young guys that have stepped up to leadership spots since we’re a little short on seniors.”
Towe hopes the Bruins grow from the Boonville game today in order to better prepare for the rest of the season. Focus on the game is a common driving force of unity for the team, one that will likely shape the success of their season.
“Coach Smith coaches them really well,” Towe said. “They’re just really good is what it really amounts to, but so are we. We’re just going to play baseball.”