Sights and sounds of the March March parade


Grace Vance

Even before I step foot on ninth street, where the annual March March parade takes place, I can feel the anticipation and fervent energy radiating from the event. As I draw closer, I realize the magnitude and outright loopiness it possesses. People of all ages are dressed up in funky costumes, wearing elaborate masks and dancing in the street. Even the bands seem to follow the parade’s energy; a small ensemble of a marching band opts out of rigid march routines and plays upbeat pieces while dressed in casual attire. Shifting my eyes away from street level, I look to the rooftops to see apartment and dorm windows open with bodies peeking out to take video or pictures of the events below. A buzz of chatter surrounds me.
Like a usual parade, pedestrians gather on the sidewalk to watch, but rather than stay on the sidelines, reporters and those with cameras weave through the mass of activity. The fusion of overt and informal dress mingle down ninth street as performers and common folk become one — the parade is not just an event, but an interactive celebration.
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