International Dance Day marked by two distinct performances


Grace Dorsey

Senior Divya Divya starts off the B lunch dance by introducing the Indian dance group, the Spicy Samosas.

Seniors Kat Sarafianos and Sam Baumer spin during the Dandiya, a traditional folk dance that originated in Southern Asia.

Seniors Sam Baumer, Divya Divya, Boon Palipatana, Catherine Ryberg, Elliot Bones and junior Kelsey Morgret dance to the song “Desi Girls,” first shown in the Bollywood movie Dostana.

Seniors Ron’Tayza Hill, Ojurere Shonekan, Sam Baumer and junior Priyanka Patel previously performed in the Courtwarming assembly to advertise for Global Village.

Seniors Sam Baumer, Vishal Patel, Nick Wright-Osment and Tobey Washer lift Patel in the air at the end of the Bajirao Mastani, a Bollywood move, song, “Malhari.”

The Spicy Samosas pose after their performance, which they’ve been practicing for since the second week of January.

Members of UNIQ also presented, using a mixture of songs including “Big Papa” by Biggie Smalls. Here junior Dariana Coleman, freshman Sophie Bones act out their opening sequence.

Juniors Bresha Smith and Dariana Coleman represented UNIQ with their modern dance routine.