Listening in with Grace; podcasts to lull you to sleep


Grace Dorsey

Playing a podcast before I go to sleep every night has become an integral part of my bedtime routine.There is, however, a right and wrong to go about this. A podcast too interesting or funny will keep me awake. A balance is needed in order to both fulfill my need for a good podcast but also a podcast that will wind me down after a busy day. I myself prefer conversational audio in order to accomplish this. Below is a list I recommend for listening to after the sun sets.

  1. “Eliza Starting at 16”

    This quick and simple podcast is perfect for sleep. I enjoy it because while it is indeed relatable and interesting the shortness of it doesn’t distract me from catching Zs. The format is basically Eliza, a now seventeen year old living in New York, chatting to the listener about her worries, what she’s excited about and more recently — boy troubles. My favorite episode so far is Pandering and College, because she voices my frustrations to a T about how marketers view teens. Overall, this personal look at someone else’s life helps me focus on something other than my own problems. Ultimately this is relaxing.

  2.  “Feeling Some type of Way”

    This podcast is very similar to “Eliza Starting at 16,” but feels more like listening in on a conservation than having someone talk to you. It is based on two high school friends voicing their thoughts and opinions. Adriana and Kyle have calming voices, which makes this a great podcast to listen to. Again, like with Eliza’s podcast, the relatable stories and opinions laid out are great for taking my mind off the day. My favorite episode is Social Media Madness, because the banter between the two is so entertaining and I can definitely connect to being addicted to social media. The short length is also a plus.

  3. “Modern Love”

    Listening to “Modern Love” is like listening a mix between a bedtime story and a condensed “This American Life”. Every episode contains a couple of quirky and sweet stories all formatted into perfect narratives. The best one so far is My First Lesson in Motherhood, which definitely takes you through the highs and lows of the start of one infant’s life.

♥ Podcast of the week ♥

This week I have particularly enjoyed “Reply All” by Gimlet. I was introduced to it by a friend and since then I cannot get enough. The hosts, PJ and Alex, go in-depth with a variety of internet topics and never fail to present the information they find in a engaging way. My favorite episode to listen to so far was centered around scammers. It is titled Very Quickly to the Drill and completely blew my mind. Anyone who loves to explore the intricacies of the web will love this podcast.