Listening in with Grace: diving into the wide world of podcasts


Grace Dorsey

There is something really splendid about podcasts. If you don’t know what a podcast is, a podcast is a piece of audible media in which people talk about things. Much like music, podcasts can provide a soundtrack for almost everything from a wander around the neighborhood to the daily commute to school or work.  I especially love podcasts because you can download them and then listen to them while out and about without having to worry about using Wi-Fi or data.
Unlike buying an album or movie on iTunes, podcasts are completely free. No matter if I’m in the mood for a podcast about investigative crime or a interesting comedic podcast I know that I can find exactly what I need without paying a dime.
With this variety, however, there can come a sense of being overwhelmed. Finding what I like took some time, and even still I often explore for something new. I’ve created this blog in order to help people navigate the wide whole of podcast to find what they enjoy.
*I almost exclusively use the Podcasts application on Apple products, so I will be referencing that throughout this blog.

«Podcasts for beginners»

Here’s a list of podcasts that I believe beginners should take a look at in order to get a sense of the different types of podcasts.
1“This American Life”: If you are into storytelling as well as learning about a broad range of people and ideas, then this is a great podcast. This is the kind of podcast that you’ll keep on thinking about for days afterward because of the often unexplored territory it dives into
2“TED Radio Hour”: If you love TED Talks this is the podcast for you. TED Radio Hour features former TED speakers and goes into an in-depth conversation with them about a specific topic. Similarly to “This American Life”, “TED Radio Hour” goes through quite a range of topics, so there’s bound to be one podcast that sparks your interest.
3“Stuff You Missed in History Class”: For all the history buffs out there, this podcast is an conversational approach to explaining and interpreting an array of  interesting events and historical figures. I especially enjoy it because it’s educational but also entertaining.
4“Criminal”: This podcast is great for beginners who want to listen to criminal podcasts. Although it isn’t investigative, it still brings stories of crime to life in an easy to follow way. It gives an unbiased and fact-based perspective on the justice system which I find enlightening.

♥ Podcast of the week ♥

Each blog I will showcase a podcast that I’ve been especially obsessed with. This week I chose “Jenna and Julien,” which is a podcast produced by two Youtubers (Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita). Jenna and Julien make me laugh every time I listen to them, and that really helps when I’m stressed out. I’ve played their podcast in the morning, on the way to school, when I’m walking home and even when I’m doing my homework. It doesn’t matter if these two are quizzing each other, talking about current issues or just having a conversation I’m never disappointed.
What’s your favorite podcast?