Mud Volleyball registration due today


Faaris Khan

It can be assumed that RBHS fundraisers are unique. After all, while they are usually intended to be a simple event to raise money, they instantly turn out as classic school traditions for many. The latest of these fundraisers is commonly known as ‘Mud Volleyball’ and is scheduled to take place in early May.  
Registration forms for Mud Volleyball, which will take place on May 5, can currently be found in the Activities Office. Students may sign up a team of up to eight members for $40 per team. The final deadline to register is on Apr. 27, and all proceeds will go towards senior festivities for the class of 2017.
“I think that Mud Volleyball has a great balance of competition and fun,” Student Council sponsor and civics studies teacher Kelley Wittenborn said. “Students really get into [it] and love the ‘mud’ component, and something about being outdoors in the nice, warm spring weather and getting messy and muddy is great for students.”
For sophomore Cari Redlinger, Mud Volleyball is much more than a simple fundraiser. Instead, she believes it is also a classic RBHS tradition which never fails to be a jovial experience for herself and her friends.
“I thought it was really fun last year, so I decided to try and get a team together again this year,” Redlinger said. “It’s different than other events and you don’t even have to be good at the sport to play; it’s just for fun.”
Fellow sophomore Katie Blevins, who participated in the event with Redlinger last year,  agrees. Blevins also advised that students wear protective clothing in order to prevent minor cuts and scrapes from stray objects in the mud.
“I love to play volleyball and it’s a very fun activity to do with my friends,” Blevins said. “There were a lot of rocks in the mud that cut my legs up last year, so I would recommend doing it and wearing pants or leggings. It’s still a lot of fun.”
There will be a short after-school meeting for team captains taking place on May 2 in room 126 intended to plan for the annual event.
Either way, Wittenborn encourages all RBHS students to sign up for Mud Volleyball. She believes it is a truly unique experience which participants won’t forget.   
“Mud Volleyball is an amazing way to get involved in the school and participate, even if you’re not already involved in sports, Student Council or clubs,” Wittenborn said. “It allows any student, with any interest, and any background, to come together and participate in a fun and competitive event.  It is a way to ensure that for even just one afternoon, you’re a part of the Rock Bridge community, and that is something that is really special.”
Will you be signing up for Mud Volleyball? Let us know in the comments below.