Calling all zombies


Elad Gov-Ari

Tomorrow, Dec. 9,  students will be auditioning for zombie roles for the upcoming play Night of the Living Dead, with auditions for spoken roles being held the following day.
“I’m really excited about doing this play,” debate teacher and play director Holly Maness said. “It has many parts available, and I think it will be a good way to get people involved with theater who may have never auditioned for anything before or have never been on stage because there are many opportunities where people don’t necessarily have to speak. This means people can still have all of the fun of putting on makeup and costumes, without the stress of talking on stage.”
Fifteen speaking roles will be available to students who choose to audition. Sophomore Roz Eggener plans to audition and will be happy to receive any part.
“All I know [about the play] is that there are zombies in it,” Eggener said, “However, I’m auditioning for any part because I really just love rehearsal of an kind. I love the process, whether I enjoy the show or not, though I’m sure I will. I love the theatrical atmosphere and I want to be a part of it and get as much experience as possible.”
This movie based play will feature complete black and white scenes with the exception of red blood.
“I’ve never tackled this type of play that features such a limited color scheme,” Maness said. “We’re going to leave the blood red, but our set pieces and our costumes will be black and white. We’ll probably also end up dulling people’s hair and ashing their skin to take out the color. It’ll certainly be a challenge and I’m really excited for it.”
This play will be run at RBHS Feb. 19-21.