Don’t vote a liar into the White House


Art by Shelby Yount.

Ji-Ho Lee

The search for a capable leader to guide the nation from the oval office has been an ongoing, unsuccessful expedition for the American people. Ridden by scandal and unsuccessful policy, each election, year after year, produces a politician inadequate for the White House. It is absurd, then, to think that Hillary Clinton will satisfy the colossal expectations of the presidency. If the American public wishes to see a real leader guiding this nation, Hillary Clinton won’t be elected.
Presidents are politicians; politicians are people, and people make mistakes. This is particularly evident as the White House has been shamefully permeated with scandal. From the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s to the Lewinsky Scandal of 1998, electing Hillary Clinton would not discontinue the string of notorious scandals; it would simply add to the list.
Simply put, Hillary Clinton is a liar. Her morals and ethics are severely disturbed. After being presented with the facts, it is obvious that a person like Clinton is not suitable for the White House, and should not be elected.
Clinton’s library of political fabrications begins in Northern Ireland with the ‘Irish Peace Process.’ In a 2008 interview with CNN, Clinton claimed to have “helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland.” She claims to have held significant roles in establishing peaceful relations between the conflicting Irish communities. This bumptious claim, however, is a lie. Senator George Mitchell, the (Bill) Clinton administration’s leading Northern Ireland peace negotiator, stated that Hillary was ‘not involved directly’ in the diplomatic negotiations that took place. Furthermore, Nobel Peace Prize winner David Trimble claimed Hillary’s statement was “a wee bit silly,” because “being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player.”
Regardless of how you look at the Irish Peace Process, Hillary lied, for the sole purpose of improving her image. After all, if your husband, the President of the United States, cheats on you with an intern, I think you need some help in that department.
The next exhibit of Hillary’s lies is presented in her despicable and disgusting attempt to use a national tragedy as a source of self-promotion. Clinton claimed that her daughter, Chelsea, was jogging near the World Trade Center on the tragic day of September 11, 2001, close enough to feel the rumble of the first plane. It was later revealed that Chelsea was four miles away from ground zero sleeping in a friend’s apartment, and heard about the first attack after being called by her friend. Hillary was so desperate for relevance and attention that she was willing to turn the national tragedy into a subheading of her political agenda.
Hillary’s lies and ethical inadequacies span far more than just the two which were listed. As trivial as making up the story of who she was named after, to a much more sensitive and grave topic such as her role, or lack thereof, in the Benghazi conspiracy, Hillary Clinton is a liar. Not just a couple of fibs, but imbecilic lies in the prime of her political career. Politicians are people and people make mistakes, but some errors, like Clinton’s lies to the public, are unforgivable.
As citizens, we are called to do research and elect leaders that will lead the country to its full potential. Voting for Clinton will not accomplish that goal.
art by Shelby Yount