Bruins secure victory over Vianney


Senior Jonah Lage defends the ball and prepares to pass it to a teammate.

Ji-Ho Lee

The Bruins roared early in their match against Vianney High School, on Friday, Oct. 16. An impressive first half was all that RBHS needed to earn the 2-1 victory.
Juniors Moiz Muhammad and Brandon Rettke found the net before the intermission, giving the Bruins a confident lead. RBHS would carry the “dos-a-cero” advantage to secure the victory.
“We did the little things right to win the game,” Rettke said, following the match. “We made good passes, kept good possession, and overall, just played really well as a team.”
The teamwork will be important as the Bruins wrap up the regular season and sprint into the district tournament. The team concludes its regular season (13-6-1) with two more games against Francis Howell Central and Smith-Cotton.
The Bruins play host in the district tournament, which begins Oct. 24.
“Obviously, scoring is a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, it’s the scoreboard, not the box score, that really matter,” Muhammad said. “We want to finish the season out strong and carry the momentum into districts.”
Photos by Stephanie Kang[TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery content_images=”276889,276890,276891,276892,276893,276894,276895,276896,276897,276898″ content_images_titles=”Senior Tarnue Tyler skillfully advances the ball towards the goal.,A corner kick by the Bruins (from the left of the picture) resulted in a missed goal. Both teams jumped in front of the ball – Vianney defended while the Bruins tried to head-shot the ball into the goal.,Senior Tarnue Tyler utilizes his handy footwork to snatch the ball away from the opponent.,The Bruins run across the field during half-time. ,Senior Jonah Lage throws the ball back in from the sidelines to a fellow teammate.,Junior Ryan Imhoff and Junior Brandon Rettke chase after the ball to defend their goal.,Senior Brett Bales kicks the ball the other side of the field in order to decrease the likelihood of the opponent scoring another goal.,Senior Jonah Lage defends the ball and prepares to pass it to a teammate.,The Bruins form a huddle and regroup.,Senior Tarnue Tyler waits to pass the ball while Juniors Moiz Muhammad and Brandon Rettke run to get into an open position.” el_file2=””][/TS_VCSC_Lightbox_Gallery]