Volleyball feels loss of Fitzpatrick


Ji-Ho Lee

In 2014 the Bruin volleyball team claimed the district championship with a 2-1 victory over Smith-Cotton, while finishing the season with an impressive 25-7-2 record.  
This year, led by Head Coach Robin Sherman, the Bruins face considerable adversity.  The Bruins must recover from the loss of six varsity players, including four seniors, as well as senior Mariah Fitzpatrick, who suffered an ACL tear.
Of the six players who will not be on the court for the Bruins in 2015, four were members of the All-Region team.  Fitzpatrick, who suffered her injury after landing incorrectly at a practice during the summer, was expected to be a team captain and was one of the few returning varsity players.  Coping with these losses has been a challenge for the team.
We definitely miss having our seniors [from last year] and Mariah,” sophomore Maddie Cleeton said.  “But we have younger players as well as new players to make up for those losses.”
However, the young players do not make up for the leadership lost last year.  Due to Fitzpatrick’s injury, the Bruins have only two seniors who are eligible to play, and neither have played varsity before.
With the loss of veteran experience and talent, the Bruins have encountered early season struggles in the 2015 season, starting their season with a 2-22-1 season.
“[A struggle is] working well together and getting along,” senior Maddy Gerau said.  “But as we continue to learn individual strengths our chemistry as a team will improve our performance.”
Despite the struggles, the team is hopeful for the future.
I’d say [a goal is] to really develop the younger players into players we want to see through the next three years,” coach Robin Sherman said. “Continue building, preparing them for the high level of competition that we play.”
Art by: Erin Barchet