‘Red’ appeals to variety of emotions

Alyssa Sykuta

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When I think of female singers, the first name to pop into my mind is Taylor Swift. Though guys often give girls flack for quoting the artist’s incredibly emotional and dramatic lyrics, it’s easy to see why so many teens fall in love with the artist’s work. Love is not an easy thing, yet it’s a huge part of our lives, and Swift’s relatable lyrics help girls feel that they are not alone.
It’s no surprise that with such a talent for understanding her listeners, Taylor Swift has stunned fans again with the release of her fourth album, “Red”. The album is expected to sell over one million copies in its first week alone, according to hitfix.com.

The 16 tracks on “Red” showcase Swift’s ability to adapt different styles of music, displaying nearly every emotion on the spectrum; her third track, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” uses short, broken up phrases and a percussive sound to convey the frustration of falling for the wrong guy, who you knew all along was only bad news.
The slow, soft melody of “Begin Again” strings its way directly into the heart of every girl who has ever experienced the devastation of a tragic breakup and then the feeling of uncertain hope as you start to fall for someone else. And then on a totally different note, the upbeat “22” gives us a glimpse into Swift’s party-girl side, with opening lyrics, “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes.”
Swift released five songs leading up to the full album premiere; “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” hit stores on Aug. 13 and reached the top of the iTunes charts within 50 minutes. In the four weeks prior to Red’s release, Swift previewed songs “Begin Again,” title track “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “State of Grace.” She played clips of each single every Monday on Good Morning America and opened them up for purchase the following midnight. Swift is scheduled to perform on Good Morning America on Oct. 22 and 23 to further hype the release of her fourth album installment.
With such a publicized reputation for fun and relatable songs, Swift’s latest album is sure to be a hit among the teenage population. “Red” will certainly be another addition to the country-pop star’s list of successes.
By Alyssa Sykuta
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