Student council, dancers, prepare for yearly Golden Cow competition


Emily Franke

For the at least 20 years, the Golden Cow Lip Sync contest has been an outlet for students and teachers to stretch their dancing, lip-syncing and even comedic skills, all to benefit an organization in our community.
Student council member junior Ronni Farid said the deadline for teams to enter was Friday Jan. 23, and the contest will be Feb. 18, but student council must finalize reservations of the PAC. Entry to the event is $5 per person.
“There are sign up sheets in Activities. [Friday] morning we had two teams, but I’m sure that’s gone up. we are expecting around five teams,” Farid, Golden Cow Committee Chair, said.”The auditions will be held at the end of next week. We will have one rehearsal that will be the week before, but other than that teams are expected to practice on their own.”
Farid said each team must audition so student council can ensure all dancing is appropriate for the family event.
In past years, funds raised at the event have benefited the University of Missouri student organization Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosis and Children’s Miracle Network, activities director David Bones said. This year Farid, along with student council members senior Taylor DeVault and senior Hayley Wilson, decided to donate all proceeds to the True Life Fund from the True/False Film Festival.
“This year’s student council voted to contribute to the True Life Fund, which helps support filmmakers and projects of a movie picked every year,” Bones said. “This year it’s a film about genocide in Cambodia.”
According to, the True Life Fund “ demonstrates that documentaries can create change by offering tangible assistance to the real-life subjects of a new non-fiction film” by choosing one film each year and raising money for the real people who stand in front of the camera.
“Taylor, Haley Wilson and I decided that would be the best fund because it was a branch of True/False which really tied Rock Bridge to our community,” Farid said. “We are planning on having a rep from True Life or playing a short video about [the fund]. But we really want to emphasize how Golden Cow benefits people.”
Farid looks forward to the teacher team and the panel of judges, which will include past student council president Jack Schimpf, alumnus 2014, principal Dr. Jennifer Rukstad and a surprise guest. Farid also expects the return of last year’s champions, “The Milk Men.” Senior Spencer Linder, a member of the “Milk Men” team, has an idea of the music and moves his team will employ, and he said it is classified information until the contest.
“Last year we were The Milk Men. This year we are the ‘Sweetened Condensed Milk Men,’” former Milk Men member and senior Spencer Linder said. “[I enjoy] the smack talk that takes place before and the feeling when you get out on stage. … It’s a great way to showcase my talent of dancing like a female.”
By Emily Franke
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