School starts 2 hours late Wednesday


Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi


For the first time, Columbia Public Schools will enact their late-start snow day schedule tomorrow, Jan. 6.  Schools will start two hours later than usual, at 10:55 A.M. for high schools, and classes will be one hour long.

“The buses are going to have to run two hours later because they are still doing the elementary school route, middle school and [high school],” Brian Gaub, RBHS assistant principal, said. “At this point we don’t expect the need to clear parking lots, so professional staff coming at a regular time is not a problem.”
Although Gaub said this is a good use of the late-start schedule, he also said the district did not intend to use them unless if there was snow on the ground.
“On what would usually be a late start day, we would tell people not to come because we don’t want cars all over the parking lot when they are trying to spread salt,” Gaub said. “But [the staff] can come tomorrow, but they are not required to.”
No bruin block will take place at RBHS tomorrow, and, as with snow days, late start days will mess with teachers’ schedules and curriculum.
“The class is going to be shorter, and that means I will need to modify my lesson plan for tomorrow to make sure it is an appropriate amount of time,” Kevin Taylor said. “But preference-wise I would rather have a short class now than have to have a full make-up day later on at the end of the year.”
Cafeteria workers said there will be no breakfast served tomorrow morning, but lunch, while later in the day, will be served. Also, with the change in the schedule, students’ learning time will be taken away.
“I have two art classes tomorrow and [the late start] is definitely going to limit the amount of work I can get done with shorter class periods,” senior Madeline Kuligowski said. “I am really happy about [the late start day] because I feel really bad for the little middle schoolers and elementary school kids that have to wait outside for their bus in freezing cold weather.”
By Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
Photo by Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi
Infographic by Renata Williams