Girls soccer drops tough match against Cor Jesu

Ashleigh Atasoy

In a tough game Friday, the RBHS girls’ soccer team lost 1-3 against the Cor Jesu Academy Chargers. Scoring a goal within the first 15 minutes of the game, RBHS freshman Molly Gunter, would score RBHS’ first goal in the second half, tying the two teams. Cor Jesu followed with two additional goals in the last 20 minutes of the second half. Despite the results of the game, senior Breta Phillips said RBHS played well against a strong team.

“I think the game went really well on our end. We continuously worked hard and the intensity was fairly good … [The] second half was better than first half but neither was something to be ashamed of.  It was a hard game though,” Phillips said. “Cor Jesu is a very good team, and we were able to hold our own against them. Perhaps our drive could have been better; perhaps we weren’t quite as hyped as we should have been. Perhaps we should have been more cognizant about not diving in; however, all in all, we played well and I am proud of the work effort out out by each girl.”

Senior Carly Raetz believes Friday’s game was a testament to how much the team has improved during the season. While the Brioms may not have won this game, Raetz thinks that working their best will help to achieve good results in future games.

“One thing we did is we didn’t give up,” Raetz said. “Everyone put forth their best effort it just wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t think we have to improve on anything. We just have to continue to put out our best effort and try and get the results. We have [definitely] improved as the season has gone on. We have grown so much as a team over this season and we continue to improve every day.”

In addition to the game against Cor Jesu, Friday marked Senior Night for the team. Now, with school coming to an end and only two weeks left until districts, Phillips is excited to put together the season’s work. She believes that with consistency, the team has a chance to succeed.

“We have a couple of games left in the season before districts begin and I am psyched,” Raetz. “I think we are pulling together all of the things we have been working on throughout the season, [such as] passing to feet, knowing where you are going before you get [the] ball, taking your first touch somewhere. Now, the main thing we have left to do is improve the consistency of our play and we’ll be golden.”

By Ashleigh Atasoy