‘Dumbledore’s Army’ to hold Tri-Wizard Tournament for CPS students


A student holds a homemade wand at the second meeting of Dumbledore’s Army.

Trisha Chaudhary

A student holds a homemade wand at the second meeting of Dumbledore's Army.
A student holds a homemade wand at the second meeting of Dumbledore’s Army. Photo by Sarah Keeton. 
Despite its end in 2011, the Harry Potter franchise has kept up a steady stream of fans that have refused to let the completion of the films damper their spirits. Dumbledore’s Army club at RBHS is one such example. With a solid membership of around 20 students, the club meets sporadically throughout the year, doing different activities and crafts related to the Harry Potter series.
So far this year, D.A. has had two meetings – a beginning of the year informational meeting and a wand-making meeting where the club members created and decorated wands and also decided on club T-shirt designs. However, this Friday, October 18, the club plans on going to Shyrocks Callaway Farms Corn Maze. Hickman High School’s Harry Potter club as well as Battle High School’s club will also be attending in a makeshift Tri-Wizard Tournament.
“The corn maze will be the first event in the Tri-Wizard Tournament,” Rachel Reed, D.A. sponsor, said. T”he winners will collect points for their school and then the second event will be a trivia night and then the third event will be the Quidditch match. Then the school champion will be determined at the end of the year once all the points have been tabulated.”
In the maze, the teams will have to answer Harry Potter trivia questions and make it through the eight Shyrocks stations. The different school sponsors will judge the teams on various criteria. Freshman Sarah Bai is new to the club and plans on attending the maze on Friday.
“I’m looking forward to the corn maze because I get to experience the novels in real life and get a feel of the tournament,” Bai said. ” I’m excited to compete against the other schools and and looking forward to a great time with my friends.”
By Trisha Chaudhary