David Archuleta returns with ‘No Matter How Far’


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Afsah Khan

Image used under fair use doctrine
Image used under fair use doctrine
David Archuleta hasn’t lost any talent since his days on American Idol. And you don’t need to go farther than his new album to see that. No Matter How Far, Archuleta’s sixth album, was released on March 26, 2013, and as soon as I listened to the songs on the album, I knew it was another strong work of art.
The various songs are centered around a theme of love, and as a young teenage girl, they already appeal to me. This, combined with the fact that each of these songs challenges Archuleta’s powerful voice, makes for a perfect soundtrack to cheer you up on a depressing day or to listen to on a slow Sunday morning.
Although all of the songs relate to each other, some are slow and sweet, such as “Forevermore,” while others, such as “Love Don’t Hate,” have a faster and catchier beat. All in all, though, they are all quality songs with meaningful lyrics that any teenager can relate to.
Since the songs from No Matter How Far closely resemble songs from Archuleta’s previous albums, it is clear that he hasn’t changed his soft pop style over the years. But despite this repetition, all of the new songs effectively communicate the emotion of the lyrics with the listener and provide an excellent way to escape reality, just for a little while.
Archuleta has been away on a two-year mission trip in South America since 2012, and No Matter How Far is a compilation of the work he did before his trip. And judging by the album, it’s clear that even a break from his career can’t stop Archuleta from producing quality music.
By Afsah Khan