Student Council decides homecoming theme


Photo Illustration by Asa Lory

Julia Schaller

Photo Illustration by Asa Lory
After much thought, many committee meetings and great debate, StuCo finally decided the school’s Homecoming theme “Color the Community” Monday afternoon.
This year, StuCo wants to make homecoming more meaningful and impactful to not only the students here, but around the community. Every day of homecoming week will be a different color or colors paired with a different organization they want to support.
StuCo hopes the simplicity of a color theme will involve more people to dress up. Throughout homecoming week, the queen candidates will volunteer or take part in a service deed that pertains to whatever organization is being promoted for the day. The student body is encouraged to volunteer with the queens in not only a “meet your queens” kind of way, but also just for the act of volunteering close to home.
“I think it’s really awesome that we’re celebrating making a difference not only in our school, but in our community,” student body secretary Morgan Widhalm said. “I think this will allow us to make homecoming bigger and more important than in the past, while allowing more people to feel involved and ultimately unite the entire school. I also think that this will allow people to see another side of the queen candidates and allow them to make a more informed decision.”
The theme days of Homecoming week, Oct. 8-12, are as followed:
Monday: Color splash/pump up
Tuesday: Blue/Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital
Wednesday:  Red/ Rock Bridge Elementary School
Thursday: Pruple/ Food Bank
Friday: Green and gold/ Rock Bridge High School
By Julia Schaller