Meet Julia Schaller, candidate for student body vice president


Julia Schaller ran on the ballot unopposed. She will take the office as student body vice president next year.

Daphne Yu

Why are you running for this position?
I am [junior class] vice president this year, so I figured I’d stick with the same position for next year because I’m really comfortable. To be honest, I think both Carmel and Eli would make great presidents and I’ll be happy to serve as either of their vice presidents. I really like the role of vice president. While I don’t have total control like the president might at times, I’ll be there when the president isn’t and I’ll still be able to have a great leadership role. I’m really looking forward to being student body vice president next year!
What impact do you hope to make while in office?
I hope to keep the Rock Bridge spirit alive. I intend to keep activities fun and energetic as well as structured, organized, and all for a good cause. I love all that student council does and I want to maintain awesome Rock Bridge traditions. I want to continue making Rock Bridge a positive place and a very diverse and culturally accepting place.
What have you done to campaign?
Quite honestly, I haven’t done anything to campaign yet really. No one is running against me, so I automatically get the position, which is awesome. But regardless, I’ll make posters and probably hand out cute stickers.
What makes you qualified for the position?
I’ve served two years on student council already as an officer and representative. I know the interworkings of Rock Bridge and a ton of behind the scenes stuff. There’s really not an event that I haven’t been a part of or helped run, so I have a lot of prior knowledge and experience on how things are run and should continue to be run. I’m also very open to new ideas and have lots of positivity to bring to the Rock Bridge table.
What qualities do you have that would make you a good candidate for the office?
I’m efficient yet relaxed. I’m open to new ideas, but also want to hold old Rock Bridge positions. I’m experienced and hardworking. If there’s a job to be done, I’ll get it done. I bring a lot of personality and positive energy to Student Council and to the school.
What politician do you model your approach after?
I would have to say the great Carmen Boessen. She’s been an awesome president for Rock Bridge. She mixes socializing and business very well. She’s positive and energetic, but also very hard working and down to business when necessary.
Where do you see yourself politically in 10 years?
Politically, I will just be a human citizen. Honestly, I will probably not be involved in a government job or the next president of the United States, but I’ll keep up to date on what’s going on around the world, and hopefully be a leader in my community/city in some way.
How are you reaching out to the community to help your campaign.
If by community you mean the Rock Bridge community, I’m going to personally go up to people I’ve never met before and introduce myself. I’ll end up telling them to vote for me and explain why they should. It’s really important to me to be personable. I love people.
What do you think the student body is looking for in a candidate?
I can’t tell you exactly what the student body is looking for in a candidate, but I really hope it’s not just a popularity contest – and I don’t think it is. I would say the student body is looking for someone who shines as a leader and as a person in general. Someone who will get work done and help our school in a positive way. So much of the awesomeness of Rock Bridge is purely in school spirit and positivity, and I think the student body is looking for someone who portrays just that. I love student council and helping Rock Bridge be all the amazingness that it is.
By Daphne Yu