Tennis, soccer suffer due to weather

Thomas Jamieson-Lucy

Boys tennis, coached by Ben Loeb, boards the bus on the way to the game. Photo by Avantika Khatri
For the second time in a row, the Rock Bridge tennis team had its match cancelled due to weather. The tennis team was supposed to play Rockhurst at 3 p.m. in Kansas City, but a rainstorm prevented the match from taking place once the Bruins had arrived and were warmed up.
The Bruins, the defending state champions, miss a chance to play one of the best teams in the state, as Rockhurst placed third in the state tournament last year behind Rock Bridge and Lafayette.
“It’s kind of disappointing,” sophomore Harry Bozoian said. “You get all ready, drive down there and then nothing happens, but you get over it fast.”
They will not have another chance to play until after spring break, when they will face Jefferson City on April 3. In order to maintain their focus, Bozoian said they would just have to keep playing against each other since they have yet to start their season.
In the same predicament is the girls soccer team, whose game was also cancelled today. More than three games have already been cancelled for the RB girls due to weather. While it is tough for the teams to not compete as much as they would like, they have their mind set on the end goal.
“You just have to stay focused,” Bozoian said, “and not get distracted.”
By Thomas Jamieson-Lucy