Senior raises funds for cancer society throughout film festival

Kirsten Buchanan

This picture by Everett is just one of the pieces in the auction. Photo provided by Savannah Everett
While most people turn to the True/False Film Festival for entertainment, senior Savannah Everett, an AP Art student here, has a different goal.
She organized for one of the movie venues to host an art auction, located at First Presbyterian Church, 16 Hitt Street, to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
True/False Film Festival “is an event that a lot of people come to and a lot of people will be able to see the art work,” Everett said. “It’s also a very artsy event, and I think people will definitely appreciate art there, who are coming to see the films.”
Everett arranged for several RBHS students to donate their artwork for the auction so she would have more pieces. When Everett asked senior Alyssa Mulligan, also an AP Art student here, Mulligan immediately agreed and was eager about the opportunity to get her art into the community.
“Since I won’t be pursuing art in the future as a career, I felt the need to donate prints after receiving good feedback,” Mulligan said. “It’s also for a good cause, and I wanted to help out my friend, Savannah.”
Although Everett planned the event in correlation with a scholarship opportunity, she is also enthusiastic about raising money for the American Cancer Society.
“I know several people who have been affected by cancer[s] of all kinds,” Everett said. “I know people who have lost their lives to cancer and I think that American Cancer Society is a great foundation.”
By Kirsten Buchanan