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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Movie-goers line up outside the True/False box office just hours after it opened Feb. 28. The documentary film festival will run through the weekend. Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes

True/False coordinators offers opportunity for students’ day off

Graham Ratermann February 19, 2014

With The True/False Film Festival a little more than a week away, a new opportunity arises for high school students. The Thank Goodness It’s True/False program debuts this year, as a free program designed...

Winter, Go Away! explores the opposition to Putins regime

‘Winter, Go Away!’ explores the opposition to Putin’s regime

Brett Stover March 1, 2013

After a performance by Jerusalem and the Starbaskets and sitting through the bizarre short "The Other Day," filmed in 1991, the feature film flickered into life on the screen of Forrest Theater. The...

‘The Waiting Room’ conveys message despite slow start

Shivangi Singh March 4, 2012

I will admit, I was dozing off during the first 15 minutes of the movie. Maybe it was the comfy aura of “Little Ragtag” or that the film was scattered, but after every few seconds, I would close my...

‘Only the Young’ spins magical tale fit for all ages

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj March 3, 2012

In the Q line for "Only the Young," a middle-aged man came up and asked his friends if they were going to watch that coming-of-age film. But if he knew anything about the story, he’d know better than...

‘Queen of Versailles’ offers rich insight into financial crisis

Brett Stover March 3, 2012

It’s hard to imagine feeling sympathetic toward someone who owns a private jet, gets Botox at age 45 and buys $5 million worth of marble for an unfinished house, yet Lauren Greenfield makes the audience...

Director Alison Klayman explains how traumatic the arrest of spring of 2011was to Ai Weiwei and his activism. Photo by Theresa Whang

Rebel’s take on society through art, social media inspires teen

Maria Kalaitzandonakes March 2, 2012

"Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" is a provocative retelling of the one Chinese citizen’s rebellion through art and social media. The documentary itself took on the shape and size of many of Weiwei’s art...

Senior raises funds for cancer society throughout film festival

Kirsten Buchanan March 2, 2012

While most people turn to the True/False Film Festival for entertainment, senior Savannah Everett, an AP Art student here, has a different goal. She organized for one of the movie venues to host an art...

‘Birds’ filmmaker offers insight into life of orphans in Pakistan

Brett Stover March 1, 2012

SPOILER ALERT: “These Birds Walk” For a first-time True/False moviegoer whose only experience with films is Forum 8 or Hollywood Theater, it may come as a surprise when the house lights don’t come...

‘These Birds Walk’ stumbles, ultimately soars

Brett Stover March 1, 2012

Poignantly depicting life inside Edhi Home, a place where orphans and runaways in Pakistan can stay, "These Birds Walk" is a work in progress. The documentary centers around Omar, a young boy who runs...

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