Mardi Gras food day celebration raises funds and spirits


Sonya Francis

Mardi Gras themed food took over the commons today, as the Culinary Two and Baking and Pastry classes catered a full course for the students and faculty. Serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, Career Center classes offered menus to satisfy a variety of pallettes.
All the money earned goes back into the kitchen for ingredients in supplies so they continue to host these types of events, Dahnya Rodgers, a Culinary Two student, said.  Preparation usually starts the week before; however, the set up for the buffet usually happens the day before.
“For today, everything was set up last Friday,” Rodgers said. “But then students were asked to come in if they could and help cook everything.”
Rodgers said she loves the excitement that goes on behind the scenes, despite the level of intensity.
“Culinary Two is basically in charge of everything.” Rodgers said. “It is up to them to cook all the food and then Baking Pastry is in charge of making the dessert.”
Senior Tori Deckert shares similar feelings. She said the chaos of preparation and pulling every component together can be hectic.
“We were in the kitchen running around with our heads cut off,” Deckert said. “We were making icing and preparing orders and getting ready for the catering event. Someone dropped a tray in the middle of the parking lot.”
With every event there are problems or surprises. However, there are also things that will make it worth it. Both students agreed their hard work paid off in the end, getting an overall sense of satisfaction from the participants.
Whenever the culinary students have fundraisers, Mike Woods, a faculty member at RBHS, said he is always anxious to participate. As the father of a former culinary student, Woods encourages the students to support their fellow classmates.
“I think the Mardi Gras food is very good,” Woods said. “and it gives the kids an opportunity to better their craft, which is a great thing.”
This opinion is exactly what the culinary students hope for, as they aim to brighten up halls of RBHS with their final products.
“It’s always stressful getting ready for these lunches,” Rodgers said. “But it’s always a great opportunity to show Rock Bridge the culinary program.”
By Sonya Francis
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