Meet Courtwarming candidate Landon Fitzpatrick

Maddie Davis

photo by Asa Lory
Landon Fitzpatrick, escorted by senior Kali Barnes
How did you ask your escort to Courtwarming?
I basically scrolled through my phone because I really didn’t know who to ask. Then I thought, “Who is somebody that I’ve been friends with long enough and … somebody who has the same sense of humor as me and will have the most fun with me, and it wouldn’t be awkward?” And that was Kali.
What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?
I actually was really, really surprised. I didn’t think I would get nominated at all. I had in my mind the whole time I was hearing about elections; I had a good idea of who I thought would make it, and I figured there were a lot more people who would have my spot. So I was surprised but really, really flattered that my peers thought I would be up to it.
What Courtwarming activity do you look forward to the most?
I don’t think there’s really a specific activity. I was on court for homecoming because I got to escort Morgan [Reimler]. And I just really enjoyed the week and the month that surround[ed] the stuff I got to do. I’m with some of the nicest and most fun guys that you’ll meet at our school, so that’s what makes me so excited. Not only do I get to miss class to do all of this fun stuff, but just the friendships you make upon that week, they really do last. I’m just excited to hang out with these guys periodically during all the different activities.
What school activities do you participate in? What accomplishments have you had in these activities?
Since sophomore year I’ve been in a couple different clubs. I wouldn’t say I have specific school sponsored activities that I’m involved in. I just do a bunch of different stuff that is around school. I’ve been in Young Republicans club; I’ve been in break dancing club; I’ve been a Bruin Bear. And I’ve just done some volunteer stuff that I don’t think people really consider an official club. I’ve been the quote, unquote pom boy for the cheer team. I’ve played an active role in entertainment in our school assemblies. I’d say I try to stay actively involved in school activities, but I’m not actively involved in the official clubs.
How do you think you would exemplify Courtwarming king if you won?
I honestly don’t think I really have an answer. I would not know how to react if I won, but I don’t think I will win, though. We have such outstanding guys on our court that I can see any one of us winning, and I don’t think anyone would be too surprised if any of us got it. I don’t really know how to answer that; I’d be absolutely flattered, but I just think there are guys on court who deserve it more than me.
How have you made the school a better place?
I guess I try my hardest to be a positive energy around people. I don’t like being the Debbie Downer kind of person or someone who is really negative. I guess every day I come to school I try to cheer people up if they’re having a bad day. I may not be the best at it, but I try to be somebody that others actually enjoy being around and make someone’s day better or make school more fun for others. I’ll put myself out there if it’ll make someone laugh.
What are your dreams and aspirations?
I think my biggest issue right now is try and single out the one thing I want to do in my life. There’s a lot of things I want to do and a lot things I want to get out of life. I’ve always been somebody who likes spotlight and attention, so I definitely see myself doing something in the entertainment business whether it be actually being an entertainer or just working with entertainers, so I don’t know what that is. I do so many different things; I’m always juggling them around, so I’ve never sat down and actually decided what single thing I want to make ‘it.’ I’d say anything that has to do with performing and entertaining for people. I don’t see myself working in a cubicle.
What is your most embarrassing high school memory?
It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed, and that’s both a bad thing and a good thing. I think the closest thing to me being really embarrassed was last year. Young Republicans club was doing a diaper drive, and somebody came up to me and asked if I knew how to dougie, the dance, and I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Well, the club was doing a remix called “Teach Me How to Huggie” and basically they wanted me to get up on the stage and do the dougie while wearing a diaper. They said we could wear [the diaper] all over our clothes and stuff, but then my friend [senior] Matt Kelly and I were talking, and we decided not to wear anything but the diapers. It was completely nothing but us and diaper. There was not much left to the imagination, and I’ve never felt so close to being butt naked in front of that many people. With a giant binky in my mouth and a bonnet on, I was dancing my heart out. It was very embarrassing but the most free I’ve felt.
What is your favorite RBHS moment so far?
Oh, wow. That’s hard. I think Rock Bridge is so special because it’s so hard to narrow it down to that one memory because every year is a story in itself. And every year you’re here at Rock Bridge you’re going to have a huge mix of stories to tell. I don’t think I have one specific moment where I can say it’s my favorite because every day I walk into this school I have no idea what could happen by the end of the day. I never know what to expect. Something I thought was so great though, because I’m such a nerd, was last year for a senior prank. Some kids choreographed a massive light saber battle in the North commons. I thought that was incredible because I’m such a Star Wars geek. It was down to Darth Vader, and everybody [was] walking down the hallway with the theme music that a guy was playing on tuba, and I thought that was incredible.
By Maddie Davis