Meet Courtwarming candidate Will Echelmeier

Maddie Davis

photo by Asa Lory
Will Echelmeier, escorted by senior Lexi Bumby
How did you ask your escort to Courtwarming?
I went on top of her house, and she came home, and I painted my chest with a crown on it. That’s a lie. I just asked her.
What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?
Well, I was currently sleeping at home and someone texted me, so it was really cool and spontaneous.
What court warming activity do you look forward to most?
Probably the one where we dance. That one’s cool.
What school activities do you participate in? What accomplishments had you had in these activities?
I’m a scrub. I play basketball; I play golf. I’m in DECA, and [senior] Coltin Hermann and I just qualified for state. It’s so cool.
How do you think you would exemplify a Courtwarming king if you won?
Well, I’m probably not going to win so I don’t have to answer that question.
How have you made the school a better place?
Well, pretty much whenever I flex my biceps, then a lot of people smile, so I feel like that helps the school a lot.
What are your dreams and aspirations?
One day I want to be able to interview the way [seniors] Maddie Davis and Jackie Nichols do. I want to possess those skills.
What is your most embarrassing high school memory?
One day I walked around school like I was blind.
What is your favorite RBHS moment so far?
Being interviewed by Maddie Davis and Jackie Nichols.
By Maddie Davis and Jackie Nichols