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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Photo courtesy of Sophia Eaton.

Touria El Jaoual

Sophia Eaton April 15, 2021
Touria El Jaoual, my mom, grew up in Rabat, one of Morocco's four imperial cities. As a descendent of Moulay Idrissi, a late king of Morocco, she spent the early years of her life living in the palace in Dar al-Makhzen.
Photo by Sophia Eaton

YAC meets with CPS officials to discuss concerns, questions regarding virtual learning, accessibility

Amira McKee October 15, 2020
Columbia Public Schools (CPS) administrators and Board of Education members joined Columbia’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) at City Hall to discuss issues pertaining to Columbia’s students in the context of virtual learning Oct 13.
Art by Rachel Stevens.

4 photographers, 1 model: Competition enhances creativity, inspires versatility

Multiple Authors April 15, 2020
Photographers Camryn DeVore, Parker Boone, Sophia Eaton and Ana Manzano participated in a four photographers, one model competition to hone their skills.
Art, photo by Lorelei Dohm, Sophie Eaton

Modern-day suffragettes continue historical legacy

Maddie Orr March 24, 2020
Bearing News celebrates the 100th year American women have had the right to vote during Women's History Month. Read Maddie Orr's story on the significance of women's rights and how modern-day female activists continue the legacy of the women who started the fight.
Ann Smart
St. Louis
My friends Glenn and Tracy have been volunteering here for years, theyve always wanted me to come. Smart said. Im looking forward to all the parties, art, and films, Im sure theyll be lovely.

Humans of T/F: Ann Smart

Sophia Eaton March 6, 2020
Ann Smart attended the jubilee and shared a little bit about her experiences so far and what she's looking forward to in this year's first "Humans fo T/F."
Precious possessions offer insight into personality

Precious possessions offer insight into personality

Sophia Eaton February 11, 2020
One RBHS junior talks about her relationship with her parents, her struggles with meeting their expectations and her hopes for herself as a future parent.
Left to right Sophomores KayLynn Hood, Ella Mcginty, Brynn Hollisterm ,and freshman vivian spear pose at the end of the Escape number. Rock Bridge held a charity benefit Thursday, Feb 6.

Rock Bridge hosts show choir charity benefit

Sophia Eaton February 9, 2020
To raise money for the Thirst Project, Rock Bridge show choir performed for the charity benefit Voices for Change Feb. 6.
Wedding Rings. Photo by Sophie Eaton.

Parental relationship shapes vibrant daughter

Sophia Eaton November 22, 2019
My parents met at a party my mom threw in graduate school. Their relationship grew, shaping who I am today and who I hope to be in the future.
Isolation invites introspection

Isolation invites introspection

Sophia Eaton October 9, 2019

Sitting at an altitude of 7,120 feet is mind bending. The weather is cool and crisp, and any whisper of wind bites through my gloves like they’re made of parchment paper. I’m short of breath even...

Mavericks vocalist and guitarist Raul Malo performs at Columbia MO Roots N Blues N BBQ festival Saturday night, Sept 28.   Photo by Sophia Eaton.

Mavericks’ performance provides exceptional music, brings patrons together

Amira McKee October 1, 2019

As the sun set on the second day of the Roots N Blues festival, fans flocked to the Great Southern Bank Stage to watch the Mavericks perform their hour and a half long setlist of latin-country-rock fusion...

Friendship, flexibility fuel fever dream photography

Friendship, flexibility fuel fever dream photography

Sophia Eaton September 14, 2019
After an unforeseen turn of events, photographer Sophia Eaton made the best of her new situation to capture a fever dream image of a nearby lightening storm.
Reflection: Sophia Eaton

Reflection: Sophia Eaton

Sophia Eaton March 29, 2019

Reflection is something that comes back to you. Whether it be a memory, or a mirrored image in a lake, it means to look at something out of its original form. My photo is quite literal. It contains...

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