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Bearing News

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Bailey Stover April 10, 2020
Environmental advocates with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club express the urgent need for youth activists and political change to protect Earth's future.
Art by Rachel Stevens.

LGBTQ athletes find community within athletics

Bailey Stover February 25, 2020
LGBTQ athletes share their coming out stories and discuss how the athletic community accepted and alienated them during their lives.
A student opens an illustrated curtain, as if to enter into a foreign world. Photo illustration by Sarah Kuhlmann, Ana Manzano.

Independence, experience accompany adulthood

Bailey Stover February 18, 2020
Adulthood brings a multitude of challenges ranging from family troubles to financial burdens and everything in-between.
Junior William Hormann and senior Mai Gagnon decorate cookies at the Gay-Straight Alliance Valentines Day party after school Tuesday, Feb. 10. Photo by Ana Manzano.

GSA hosts second annual Valentine’s Day party; members express need for increased, positive LGBTQ representation

Bailey Stover February 14, 2020
After school Tuesday, Feb. 11, RBHS’ Gay-Straight Alliance hosted its second annual RBHS Valentine’s Day party; students reflect on LGBTQ representation.
Photo by Sarah Mosteller

Materialistic principles drive consumer habits

Bailey Stover February 13, 2020
Dr. Marsha Richins, a professor in the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri — Columbia, has published numerous journal articles on the subjects of materialism, consumer values and social comparison. She said America’s emphasis on one’s acquisition of material possessions is by no means unique to the country, though the pervasiveness of its materialistic tendencies does make it distinct from other cultures. 
Loneliness Shadow Art by Rachel Stevens.

People need people

Bailey Stover January 8, 2020
For two million years, humans have interacted with and needed one another to survive. Through physical stability in the past and emotional satisfaction in the present, the necessity of human interaction and familiarity throughout one’s life is imperative to his or her success. Humans may mold the world around them and build it up as their own, but their environments shape them in return.
Where the sea meets the sand. photo by Maddie Orr

Is it too late?

Bailey Stover November 22, 2019
Across Missouri and around the Earth, countless people are experiencing the effects of climate change, each in a unique way. This story follows the lives and actions of seven individuals as they navigate the world today.
Art by Lorelei Dohm.

Public embarrassment, humiliation detrimental to health, development

Bailey Stover November 6, 2019
Through social media platforms such as Instagram, shame and embarrassment permeate adolescence and can negatively influence one's health and happiness.
Photo by Maya Bell.

Whistle in the dark

Bailey Stover April 30, 2019
An American is sexually assaulted every 92 seconds, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). Every nine minutes, the victim is a child.
Technology by Moy Zhong

Artificial intelligence possesses controversial potential

Bailey Stover April 26, 2019
As with a flipped coin spinning in mid-air, the issue of artificial intelligence (AI) is still undecided as to which way it will land: benefit or harm.
Photos by Allie Pigg, Camryn DeVore, Sophie Eaton, Bailey Stover. Illustrated by Sarah Kuhlmann.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Bailey Stover March 26, 2019
Although today’s adolescents grew up in the age of the internet, the era of social media is more recent than teenagers may realize. Social media cannot exist without widespread online communication, making the platform a late-20th and early-21st century phenomenon.
Photo by garloon

Spoken language brings power, influence

Bailey Stover February 27, 2019
As children age, they understand how to use their words to express their wants, needs and emotions.
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