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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Bearing News

Photo by Luke Stagg.

A Sweet Night of Music to be held May 4

Sarah Ding April 29, 2021
A Sweet Night of Music; a collective music concert put on by the RBHS jazz band and ensemble, symphonic band, woodwind choir, brass choir and percussion orchestra; will take place May 4. The program is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. at the RBHS stadium, and audience members should bring their own lawn chairs or blankets.
Photo courtesy of Katherine Cox-Litrell.

Color guard auditions to be held Monday

Sarah Ding April 27, 2021
Auditions for the RBHS color guard will be on May 3 from 4:15 to 5:15 in the band room. The only experience necessary is the clinics held the past four Mondays.
Art by Devin Hall.

Pandemic intensifies violence against East Asian Americans

Sarah Ding April 26, 2021
Vincent Chin was a Chinese American man in Detroit out celebrating his bachelor party with his friends on the eve of his wedding, in 1982. Two white autoworkers beat him to death with a baseball bat amidst shouted racial slurs. The men each received a $3000 fine and no prison time. Chin’s last words were “It’s not fair.”
My mom and dad in Hangzhou. Photo courtesy of Sarah Ding.

Zhijian Ye and Shinghua Ding

Sarah Ding April 12, 2021
While I’ve lived in American suburbs my whole life, my parents grew up in rural parts of the Zhejiang province in China. My dad’s father was a government employee and worked in the next town over.
Photo by Desmond Kisida.

RBHS tennis coach Ben Loeb breaks win record

Sarah Ding March 26, 2021
Longtime RBHS tennis coach Ben Loeb secured his 1,139th win on Monday, breaking the coaching record for most dual meet tennis wins in Missouri high school history.
Photo by Sophia Eaton.

Reading rehabilitation: A journey back to books

Sarah Ding March 18, 2021
The books were my safe haven, my obsession, my hobby ⁠— in fact, the books defined most of the positive pieces of my elementary school experience.
Dr. Phillip Cuculich, Cardiologist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Photo courtesy of Cuculich.

The heart of healthcare

Sarah Ding February 27, 2021
Dr. Flaker said the magnitude of his experience gives him a unique perspective on the advances in medicine and cardiology, as he’s seen how they have evolved. 
Dr. Andrew Kinslows class receives the news of his CFAE nomination. Photo courtesy of Jacob Sirna.

RBHS announces CFAE nominees

Sarah Ding February 18, 2021
The Columbia Fund for Academic Excellence (CFAE) committee provides cash awards each year for educators in the Columbia Public Schools district who fall under the various categories for selection. This year, the RBHS committee nominated Dr. Andrew Kinslow for Outstanding High School Educator, Tammy Adkins for Outstanding Educator in a Specialized Area and Therasia Brautigam for Outstanding First Year Educator.
People with physical touch as their love language feel loved when they receive physical signs of affection. Photo by Sophia Eaton.

Understanding love languages proves beneficial to relationships

Sarah Ding February 12, 2021
Love languages, an idea pioneered by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,” are different ways of expressing and receiving love. These include words of affirmation, quality time, giving and receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.
Photo by Ana Manzano.

Online shopping demonstrates changes in consumer behavior since COVID-19 pandemic

Sarah Ding February 8, 2021
Shopping can be a coping mechanism for people who are sad or scared, as they often feel they have no control over their lives. Making the choice whether to buy something gives them the control they lack. In a time where COVID-19 is taking over the world, the statistics show more people are turning to shopping and exercising their autonomy.
StuCo seniors hold a meeting over Zoom. Photo courtesy of Shruti Gautam.

StuCo makes changes in election process

Sarah Ding January 13, 2021
After several meetings to discuss changes in how the student council (StuCo) will be run, StuCo officers finally received word of admin’s approval on Dec. 9. Their plans include improvements in the election process and officer roles that were made in response to longtime issues within StuCo’s format.
Photo by Desmond Kisida.

Virtual debate, argumentation through screens

Sarah Ding January 3, 2021
Instead of loading onto a school bus and making the long drive to a tournament’s host school in cities such as St. Louis or Springfield, the RBHS Speech and Debate team has stayed right at home to compete. Tournaments are all held over National Speech and Debate Association Campus, an online platform for students to compete in, and Columbia Public School (CPS) allows students to use three of their high schools including RBHS, Hickman High School and Battle High School for internet and to be around their peers.
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