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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Feature photo by Asa Lory

Childhood tales affect adult morality

Bailey Stover February 28, 2019

Raised by parents from South Sudan, freshman Mabior Akuiem grew up in Kenya before moving to the U.S. in 2015. From folk tales about how a mustache became stuck on a person’s face to his father’s life...

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Results of self-improvement: 30-day challenge finish

Katie Whaley February 26, 2019

After 30 days at attempting two new, positive habits and eliminating a bad one, I have discovered more about myself and about habits as a whole. My 30-day challenge had three components, which I explained...

Senior Martez Manuel pies another candidate in the face as crowds react to the force of the throw. Photo by Ann Fitzmaurice.

Courtwarming fundraiser results in injury

Ann Fitzmaurice February 13, 2019

During both lunches today, RBHS Student Council hosted a “pie the kings” activity in the main commons. Students could pay $1 to throw aluminum pie tins filled with whipped cream at the Courtwarming...

The library will enter students into a drawing to win a $5 gift card to the Grind for every book they check out.
Photo by Asa Lory

Library offers students free coffee for reading

Amanda Kurukulasuriya February 11, 2019

he RBHS media center is challenging students to read a “latte” this February. For every book they check out from the library, students get their name added to a drawing to win a $5 gift card for the...

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30-day challenge: journey toward self-improvement

Katie Whaley January 28, 2019

As an organized person, I’d like to think I have my life completely together. My room is spotless; there’s no clutter of clothes on the floor or sock missing its pairing, and I refuse to keep a stack...

Sleep Talking Ep. 1

Sleep Talking Ep. 1

Isaac Parrish October 26, 2018

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Librarian Jill Macy pushes a book cart down a quiet aisle of Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL). Very few students wer present Wednesday night, Sept. 19, at DBRL.  Photo by Sophie Eaton.

Libraries strive to serve evolving community needs

Ji-Sung Lee October 5, 2018

The hum of the air conditioning. The bustling of homework papers. The turning wheels of the cart carrying the yet-to-be shelved books. These are the typical sights and sounds of a library, yet with constantly...

Get to know your courtwarming candidates

Get to know your courtwarming candidates

Renata Poet Williams February 20, 2015

[heading size="16" margin="10"]Bob Herting[/heading] [vimeo url="" width="640" height="360"]   [heading size="16" margin="10"]Brendan McLaughlin[/heading] [vimeo url=""...

Courtwarming Day One: Heroes and Villains

Courtwarming Day One: Heroes and Villains

Daphne Yu February 19, 2013

Courtwarming started off today with the classic "Heroes and Villains" theme. Students at RBHS came to school decked in costumes fit for the movies. Vote for you favorite one in the poll below. Voting ends...

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