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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Infographic by Trisha Chaudhary

Weapons still prevalent in high school

Maria Kalaitzandonakes May 27, 2013

It was late one night and junior Savannah Johnson was with her friend at a gas station, filling up the tank, when they noticed two men in another car staring at them. Johnson, feeling nervous, told her...

Senior West Wilson speaks on behalf of the Bruin Cup Student Board. Photo by Lisa Holt.

Bruin Cup celebrates students athletes

Fariha Rashid May 25, 2013

“21 Teams. 1 School. All Champions.” This appeared to be the theme of this year’s Bruin Cup, an annual dinner and awards ceremony celebrating Rock Bridge athletes’ achievements in their respective...

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Teachers say goodbye to Rock Bridge

Jilly Dos Santos May 25, 2013
Biology teacher Shaunte’ Branham will no longer be gracing the halls of RBHS next year, but will be evaluating her options for the future. Branham taught B day general biology at RBHS, and connected with her students through her dedication.

Bullying over social media not protected under school, state law

Daphne Yu May 23, 2013

One out of every seven students has been or is a victim of bullying from kindergarten to grade 12, according to In a world where there are so many different modes of communication,...

Pictures capture final assembly; retired faculty returns

Daphne Yu May 3, 2013

The Flashback assembly featured the tunes of the jazz ensemble, performances by acting classes and an array of speakers and award winners. This year’s assembly also reunited many former administrators...

US News and World Report ranked RBHS as the eighth best school in the state of Missouri. Photo by Patrick Smith

RBHS ranks eighth best in Missouri

Ashleigh Atasoy April 25, 2013

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked RBHS eighth best high school in the Missouri. Earning a silver medal from the site, analysts based the ranking on Advanced Placement testing scores, Algebra...

The national sequester could result in education funding cuts. These would most directly affect the Title I preschool and special education programs. Photo by Maddy Jones

Sequester threatens Title I, special ed

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj April 18, 2013

For months, automatic across-the-board cuts were a looming threat, but now they are reality. Congress must come up with a new budget to reduce the impact of sequestration, which started March 1, 2013. This...

Music director wins Columbia Fund for Academic Excellence award

Music director wins Columbia Fund for Academic Excellence award

Lauren Puckett April 2, 2013
Music Director Mike Pierson was greeted with a pleasant surprise at 9:00 a.m., April 1. A group of teachers and administrators...
U.S. News and World ranked RBHS as the ninth best school in the state of Missouri.

RBHS ranks ninth best school in Missouri

Alyssa Sykuta February 8, 2013

[dropcap style="2" size="3"]A[/dropcap]According to a report released yesterday from U.S. News and World, the students and faculty of RBHS can boast themselves as belonging to the ninth best school in...

Superintendent supports later start time

Alyssa Sykuta February 6, 2013

[dropcap style="1" size="3"]T[/dropcap]Though the school board has not finalized the decision, Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Chris Belcher has officially taken a stance on the start times debate...

The school cafeteria offers meals daily, and next years freshman and sophomores are expected to eat food provided by the cafeteria or home. Photo by Daphne Yu

Lunch to be closed for underclassmen

Brittany Cornelison January 28, 2013

As the transition into the 2013-14 year quickly approaches, administration continues to work out the details so next year's three-high-school, four-year system runs smoothly. A major issue they have...

Ready for Battle: In apprehension of the opening of four-year Muriel Williams Battle High School next fall, the current high schools have been making changes to accommodate for the incoming of freshmen next year. Photo by Paige Kiehl.

Administration seeks methods to accommodate coming transition

Alyssa Sykuta December 21, 2012

For Columbia Public Schools, 2012 presents the end of an educational system and brings to light a new era of education. The opening of Muriel Williams Battle High School Aug. 20, 2013 will not only mark...

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