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Bearing News

Day 138

Day 138

Bailey Stover August 2, 2020
During her 138th day of social distancing, recent RBHS graduate Bailey Stover prepared for and celebrated her graduation party.
Juniors (left to right) Eric Fritschi, Dick Chen, Phillip Lei, Taisheng Li and Lola Gingerich laugh over their lunches in the EEE room Oct. 9. Students had just been released for A lunch, during which the EEE room is usually full. Photo by Turner DeArmond.

Food for thought

Audrey Novinger October 4, 2019
Two lunch times exist at the high school level, but athletes and students with long days prefer the later B lunch to the earlier A lunch. In addition, students prefer consistency in their schedules as opposed to different lunches that alternate.
CPS makes new procedures for lunch accounts with debt

CPS makes new procedures for lunch accounts with debt

Brandon Kim December 17, 2018
CPS creates new procedures for accounts with $50 or more in debt
Photo by Maya Bell

Students open bakeries for Business Principles course

Multiple Authors December 11, 2018
Dec. 11 and 12, students in Business Principles will open their bakeries from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Photo by Sury Rawat

CACC culinary class discontinues buffet sales

Ji-Sung Lee February 12, 2018
The Columbia Area Career Center has discontinued their buffet sales offered to students and staff at RBHS.
Freshman Jaden Perkins pays for her meal during A lunch on Nov. 8. Photo by Maya Bell

CPS administrators deal with unpaid student lunch account debt

Jordan Rogers November 13, 2017
Administrators discuss unpaid lunch account debt continues to grow across the Columbia Public Schools (CPS) district.
Survey of food favorites among students. The Rock surveyed 200 students, 10 percent of the student body.

Stop hating on school lunch

Ryan Choe May 16, 2017
School lunch gives the nutrition and resources students need and doesn't deserve the hate it gets.
Junior Morgan Banker is looking the catalog for choosing her classes for the next year.

How American schools work

Eléa-Marie Gilles January 30, 2017

Hello! I hope you had good holidays and that you’re ready for that new year that’s just starting. I’m back with an article mostly about school in the United States compared to how it is in France. I...

“I can understand it because we don’t really have a fair reason to leave but I think it is kind of dumb because there is nothing for you to do here sometimes and I just sit there for an entire hour and 30 minutes. I am sure that there are a lot of people who leave. If there is an AUT check, they just know before hand and have somebody else fill in for them. I haven’t done that.” Photo by Devesh Kumar

Sophomores banned from leaving school campus

Caylea Ray September 21, 2015

    What makes RBHS diverse from other high schools in Columbia is that RBHS has always been known for our motto: freedom with responsibility. For years, seniors and juniors have had the upper...

Censored food: Freshman Marqtrel Harris stands in line to buy lunch. The new USDA regulations on the healthiness of all food items have caused the district to lose money to the food budget, along with more food waste. Photo by Devesh Kumar

School lunches force CPS to operate on a deficit

Abby Kempf February 4, 2015

Columbia Public Schools, along with every district in the nation, is struggling in the wake of new United States Department of Agriculture school lunch regulations. These regulations have drained out food...

photo by Anna Wright

Tunnels close during lunch periods in attempt to curb trash problem

Anna Wright March 13, 2014

The tunnels in RBHS’s lower level are now closed during A and B lunches, preventing students from sitting and eating in this area during their allotted half hour eating period. The administration announced...

More Courtwarming King activities

More Courtwarming King activities

Eric Glennon February 20, 2014

Thursday during lunch Courtwarming candidates participated in activities, which Student Council created. Watch here. Video by Eric Glennon

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