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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The Journey to College tent, set up by counselors throughout Wednesday and Thursday, helped seniors with the college admissions process.

Counselors assist seniors with ‘Journey to College’ tent

Jared Geyer November 14, 2019
A tent set next to the Planetarium entices seniors with its decorative display of college flags and other memorabilia such as t-shirts and pencils. The canopy is the most recent in a long list of opportunities guidance counselors have given to seniors to help them plan and submit their college applications. Students were able to receive T-shirts and other college items from the awning if they finished college applications there. 
Undying Love

Undying Love

Snowy Li October 4, 2019
Students, staff share how pets affect their everyday lives.
Yoga works to connect the mind with the body

Yoga works to connect the mind with the body

Grace Dorsey May 24, 2016

It’s 9 a.m. on a Saturday. Guidance counselor Leslie Kersha walks around her yoga class, directing yogis with patience and skill refined over 16 years of instruction. She takes care to pay attention...

infographic by Megan Goyette

Gap year offers real-world experiences

Ronel Ghidey January 9, 2016
Students learn from taking year off.
art by Erin Barck

The brave, the few, the early birds

Abby Kempf October 8, 2015

[heading size="14" margin="10"]Students plan, prepare for their future with college applications[/heading]Senior year is notorious for the hardships and thrills that come along with applying to college...

art by Maddy Mueller

College Confidential

Alice Yu April 22, 2015

[heading size="16" margin="10"]Students give insight into college applications, admissions process[/heading] If senior Delaney Tevis decided to take a road trip and spend one day visiting each of the...

Decreasing student loans

Decreasing student loans

Emily Franke January 29, 2015

With graduation less than a semester away, the time of year for senior scholarships has arrived. Seniors can find the Salute to Seniors Community Scholarship booklet on the Guidance website, where they...

Salute honors Seniors

Salute honors Seniors

Breana Williamson May 28, 2014

Held at the RBHS gymnasium at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 14, will be the Salute to Seniors award ceremony. The school has held this event for more than 13 years. "About 50 percent of seniors who were invited...

Sophomores take PLAN test

Sophomores take PLAN test

George Sarafianos October 15, 2013

Sophomores spent their first two class periods of the day taking a preliminary version of the ACT known as the PLAN test today. The Preliminary ACT offers sophomores the chance to see what taking the...

Bullying over social media not protected under school, state law

Daphne Yu May 23, 2013

One out of every seven students has been or is a victim of bullying from kindergarten to grade 12, according to In a world where there are so many different modes of communication,...

photo by Manal Salim

Counselors provide college checklist for underclassmen

Manal Salim May 7, 2013

As the year is drawing to a close for RBHS seniors, their high school careers are ending, and many have already decided what course to take in their post-high school careers.  However, while many seniors...

Missouri House Bill 136 could change graduation requirements on math and science credits. Students would have to take a math or science course for the two semesters prior to their graduation. Photo by Maddy Jones

Bill reinforces science, math

Daphne Yu April 25, 2013

Missouri graduation guidelines as to how to obtain the mandatory 24 credits became stricter with the introduction of requiring a half credit of personal finance in 2007. Now, high school students at RBHS...

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