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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Bearing News

Photo by Ana Manzano

CPS free meal program extended to June 30

Allison Kim November 9, 2020
With the return of elementary school students to in-person school, Columbia Public Schools (CPS) sent out an update regarding the free meals provided to all students through an email on Oct. 20. CPS extended the program, which had previously been in effect until Dec. 31, to last through the rest of the 2020-2021 school year.
The RBHS cafeteria stays closed to visitors on Sep. 30. Photo courtesy of Therasia Brautigam.

CPS Nutrition Services and Custodial Departments adapt to virtual learning circumstances

Sarah Ding October 4, 2020
Columbia Public Schools (CPS) students haven’t been in their school buildings for in-person learning since March 17 after the district-wide shutdown because of COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. CPS Custodial and Nutrition Services employees, however, have continued working for the district, though their jobs may look different from the usual. Neither department experienced layoffs.
A bus from CPSs Grab-and-Go Meal Service delivers food at a designated stop. Photo courtesy of Michelle Baumstark.

Food delivery programs service affected groups

Sarah Ding April 13, 2020
Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch won’t have access to cafeteria meals for the rest of the school year. The CPS Nutrition Services and Transportation Departments have combatted this issue by providing breakfast and lunch to students through the CPS Grab-and-Go Meal Service, which began March 30.
CPS makes new procedures for lunch accounts with debt

CPS makes new procedures for lunch accounts with debt

Brandon Kim December 17, 2018
CPS creates new procedures for accounts with $50 or more in debt
Freshman Jaden Perkins pays for her meal during A lunch on Nov. 8. Photo by Maya Bell

CPS administrators deal with unpaid student lunch account debt

Jordan Rogers November 13, 2017
Administrators discuss unpaid lunch account debt continues to grow across the Columbia Public Schools (CPS) district.
Survey of food favorites among students. The Rock surveyed 200 students, 10 percent of the student body.

Stop hating on school lunch

Ryan Choe May 16, 2017
School lunch gives the nutrition and resources students need and doesn't deserve the hate it gets.
CPS nominated for national food program award

CPS nominated for national food program award

Nikol Slatinska April 25, 2016
The One in a Melon award recognizes the best school district in the country based on its local food program.

WHO meat report sparks student reaction

Grace Vance November 22, 2015

Considering the meat-centered culture that 96 percent of Americans live in, according to an article from Vegetarian Time’s online site, a recent report released by the World Health Organization (WHO)...

Food in the guidance office.

Guidance department provides food to students

Rochita Ghosh October 15, 2015

Students throughout RBHS often complain of hunger, the pangs in their stomach distracting them from their work. To some students, this is a mere inconvenience, for they know this is temporary and they...

Censored food: Freshman Marqtrel Harris stands in line to buy lunch. The new USDA regulations on the healthiness of all food items have caused the district to lose money to the food budget, along with more food waste. Photo by Devesh Kumar

School lunches force CPS to operate on a deficit

Abby Kempf February 4, 2015

Columbia Public Schools, along with every district in the nation, is struggling in the wake of new United States Department of Agriculture school lunch regulations. These regulations have drained out food...

Food Truck begins cycle around high schools

Food Truck begins cycle around high schools

Urmilla Kuttikad November 22, 2013

The CPS food truck graced Rock Bridge’s circle drive for the first time yesterday. Though the gloomy weather and intermittent rain restricted the number of students who were willing to come out, about...

Diet soda poses variety of health concerns

Harsh Singh October 7, 2013

About one-fifth of the American population drinks diet soda every day, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. RBHS Junior Michael Vu is among the people who drink artificially sugared...

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