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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Science explains Zoom fatigue

Science explains Zoom fatigue

Amira McKee January 5, 2021
As the unprecedented need for social distancing forces society into increasing dependency on technology to communicate, the feeling of exhaustion following a day of video calls has become universal. “Zoom fatigue” refers to the unusual tiredness, worry or discomfort associated with prolonged and frequent interactions via video calls such as Zoom and other similar technologies. With school, work and social gatherings largely taking place virtually, spending hours on video calls each day is nearly unavoidable, creating new questions and avenues of research on the subject.

Financial obligations raise stakes for MSHSAA students

Bailey Stover October 11, 2019
Clubs can have dues of up to $30 though not all organizations cost to join. For students who may not be able to afford the price of participation in clubs or athletics, various organizations offer opportunities to offset the costs.

Unbearable burden

Bailey Stover October 8, 2019

Backpack weight proves detrimental for student health On a daily basis, senior Daniel White estimates his backpack weighs between 20 and 30 pounds and includes two composition notebooks, a folder, a binder,...

From the streets to the screen

Amira McKee October 3, 2019

The evolution of activism, protest culture in American society While scrolling through Instagram feeds, tapping through Snapchat stories or fumbling through Facebook profiles, one can’t help but stumble...

Yellow school bus travels along the road. Photo from envato elements

Transportation impacts students’ schedules, involvement

Audrey Novinger May 20, 2019
Access to transportation impacts students' involvement in certain activities. Activity buses do not run at CPS high schools, and students must plan schedules accordingly.
Photo by Envato Elements.

Students adapt mindfulness techniques

Ji-Sung Lee April 2, 2019
More than 200 courses populate the Columbia Public School’s High School Student Registration Guide, yet a class on mindfulness doesn’t make the cut. In England, however, up to 370 schools will start practicing the subject, expanding the traditional curriculum beyond math, science and history, a New York Times article said.
Feature photo by Asa Lory

Childhood tales affect adult morality

Bailey Stover February 28, 2019
Raised by parents from South Sudan, freshman Mabior Akuiem grew up in Kenya before moving to the U.S. in 2015. From folk tales about how a mustache became stuck on a person’s face to his father’s life story, Akuiem absorbed the world around him and processed it in his own way, allowing the experiences and morals he heard to shape him.
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Spoken language brings power, influence

Bailey Stover February 27, 2019
As children age, they understand how to use their words to express their wants, needs and emotions.
Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Seniors struggle with applying to college, receive teacher assistance

Emily Oba February 25, 2019
The frenzy of applying to college can become overwhelming for students who give themselves many options of schools.
Senior Eric Estrada sharpens a lawnmower blade in his Small Engine Technology class at the CACC Dec. 7. He likes working with his hands and just landed a job at Jiffy Lube.

Estrada remains optimistic despite family, physical challenges

Emily Oba December 18, 2018

Standing in front of the entrance to the house, senior Eric Estrada kept a watchful eye on his old grandpa. Glancing at his cousin Toño, they both questioned him on how he got the cigarettes in his hands....

Freshman Walter Anderson works on his sketchbook for art adorned in a tie and overcoat on November 9th.
Photo by George Frey / Bearing News

Students dress for success

Emily Oba November 12, 2018
Students dress up for testing and important life events for a confidence boost and more overall success.
Photo by Mikaela Acton

Class participation varies on students

Emily Oba March 21, 2018
Some students hesitate to raise their hand because of fear of answering wrong or being unable to provide a response.
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