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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Performing Arts Center (PAC)

RBHS theater posts ‘Leaving Iowa’ announces cast

William Yoo December 21, 2019

Casting for “Leaving Iowa” went up outside the performing arts classroom Friday morning, Dec. 20. The story centers around a middle-aged writer named Don Browning and his trek across Iowa to find a...

Dinner and a Murder: Episode 5 Mind Full of Poison

Dinner and a Murder: Episode 5 “Mind Full of Poison”

Devin Hall December 1, 2019

In this episode of Dinner and a Murder, hosts Devin Hall, Lorelei Dohm, and Rachel Stevens cover another home state murder, this time one that happened in the 1980's in Kansas City. "The Butcher of Kansas...

A section of the official poster for Shazam(2019)

‘Shazam’ surprises with its charming wit, humor

Jared Geyer April 10, 2019

As superhero films grow in popularity every year, my opinion on the genre continues to sour. Although I still like new releases such as “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse,” the over-saturation of competing...

The Predator (2018)

‘The Predator’ is a step below average for the series

Jared Geyer September 18, 2018

uinn McKenna makes a startling first encounter with a crashed alien ship in the riveting beginning of The Predator, the latest and meh-ist installment of the Predator franchise. This 2018 installment is...

The Lego Movie surprises with comedic relief, important messages

‘The Lego Movie’ surprises with comedic relief, important messages

Jay Whang February 8, 2014

Remember those Lego toys you played with when you were a kid? Well, somebody in Hollywood thought that they could make an hour and a half movie out of it, and sell it to younger audiences. Before seeing...

Ask Jake week six

Ask Jake week six

Jake Alden April 12, 2013

[media url="" width="640" height="360"]  Video by Urmila Kutikkad Welcome to Ask Jake, Bearing News’ first online advice column. ANYONE can send in questions by either dropping...

‘Silver Linings Playbook’, though comedic, falls short

Trisha Chaudhary January 6, 2013

Since I saw the advertisement on TV, I have been wanting to see Silver Linings Playbook. This offbeat comedy, starring Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover), tells the...

‘This is 40’ reflects complications of real marriages

Ipsa Chaudhary December 25, 2012

When I first saw previews for the movie Knocked Up, it was impossible not to roll my eyes. It looked like any other cliche movie about a one night stand that results in an unexpected pregnancy. The girl...

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