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Style of the Week: Rachel Kirchhofer

Lauren Puckett February 5, 2013

One of the things I've enjoyed most about Style of the Week is getting to know new people -- even if it's only for a few, brief minutes. "Hiding behind a recorder," as it's sometimes called in the journalism...

Pritchett wears a polka-dot dress from Forever 21 with her black wedges and bow. Photo by Lauren Puckett.

Style of the Week: Sarah Pritchett

Lauren Puckett January 29, 2013

Well, here we are -- January 29. It's almost 70 degrees outside and storming, not snowing. And that means RBHS students have torn through their wardrobes, bringing out the shorts, skirts, dresses and...

Senior Sarah Dweik wears a sweater with leggings and Converse. Photo by Lauren Puckett.

Style of the Week: Sarah Dweik

Lauren Puckett January 22, 2013

I've become an expert at classroom window shopping. What I mean is this -- I waltz by classrooms, awkwardly peek through the window for an outfit that catches my eye and skip away when some wary student...

Sophomore Keith Fletcher wears a Old Navy flannel under his grey sweater. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Keith Fletcher

Lauren Puckett January 15, 2013

It comes as no surprise that the art room is full of fashion. A couple skips down the hallway, from journalism to photography, and I'm already spotting unique or trendy outfits. Today, staff member Maria...

Williams wears a pair of black skull pants from Hot Topic with his white Acme shirt. Photo by Aniqa Rahman.

Style of the Week: Lorenzo Williams

Lauren Puckett January 8, 2013

There's a saying that goes "When you stop looking for something, you'll finally find it." And while this philosophy doesn't work well for missing keys or "lost" homework, it does apply in a few key situations....

Whitworth sports a pair of bright yellow tights after losing a bet over fantasy football. Photo by Patrick Smith

Style of the Week: Nick Whitworth

Lauren Puckett December 18, 2012

While I was eating lunch the other day, the southside hallway exploded in laughter. Senior Alyssa Sykuta came sprinting down the ramp and nearly skidded along the tile as she stopped by me. "Lauren,"...

Style of the Week: Victoria Vizcarra

Style of the Week: Victoria Vizcarra

Lauren Puckett December 11, 2012

Fashion has enjoyed an interesting week. With the sudden flux in temperatures and even rapider decline, students have worn anything from dresses and tank tops to sweaters and sweatpants over the last...

Junior Megan Kelly wears a black sweater with patterned skinny jeans and brown boots. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Megan Kelly

Lauren Puckett December 4, 2012

Writing can certainly change perspective. I've never considered myself a "fashion forward" person. I roll out of bed, throw on something clean and try to make it work. That's my style. But writing for...

Senior Duha Shebib sports a white pea coat with a purple hijab and floral shirt. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Duha Shebib

Lauren Puckett November 27, 2012

Normality is blinding. This morning, I ate my same Panera blueberry bagel as I slung my bag - the same one since ninth grade - over my shoulder. I walked the same hallways and skipped down the same...

See wears a purple tank top and long black skirt over her brown boots. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Sammy See

Lauren Puckett November 20, 2012

It isn't always easy to find something new. Fashion conforms with its wearers, following infamous trends, adoring Ugg boots one season and Toms another. So looking for an intriguing style in RBHS can...

Lardizal sports a spirit hood in the shape of a bear, with a paint-splattered tee shirt. Photo by Ashleigh Atasoy.

Style of the Week: Jaynell Lardizabal

Ashleigh Atasoy November 14, 2012

With over 1,800 students at RBHS, creativity is widespread, from the art displays outside the main office to the window displays surrounding the cafeteria glass.  But at 8 a.m., the empty halls looked...

Ngo sports a pair of teal skinny jeans, a black top and a feathered necklace with gold accents. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Style of the Week: Hanh Ngo

Lauren Puckett November 5, 2012

When I checked the clock at 3:15 p.m and realized I still hadn't found a Style of the Week, I went into a panic. Grabbing my nearest friend and a camera I didn't know how to use, I rushed out into the...

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