Asa Lory

Life is so busy for so many people, and I fully realize that I am no exception. That being said, living at 100 miles an hour has its benefits, and every minute you take to slow down becomes something special. These past few weeks have been crazy for me, but every so often these moments would crop up at the most unexpected times.

Moments such as walking outside after watching two very confusing movies and seeing the clouds reflecting my thoughts.

And upon returning home, finding that although the clouds were gone, the trees had taken their place.

Or finding a secluded spot, even in the middle of shooting a photo story.

Or, in the middle of a very busy day, taking the chance to wander through the other Rock Bridge for an hour.

It was beautiful after being inside all day.

Just watching power lines fade into nothing.

And watching the shadows lengthen.
So I ask you, dear reader, to take an hour and run around outside. Or read a book. Or take a walk. Slow down for a second.