“That Awkward Moment”

Shannon Freese

Oh, the woes of trying to find the perfect Facebook status. I don’t want to sound dumb, and I don’t want to post cliché song lyrics. So why not follow the trend and post a status about “that awkward moment?”
“That awkward moment” is a trend that started approximately a year ago and involves quoting one of the many awkward moments in the day-to-day activities of the common teenager. “That awkward moment when you see your ex-boyfriend having dinner with another girl” or “that awkward moment when the guy in the car next to you at the stoplight sees you dancing to ‘Dance’ by Big Sean.”
Something about awkward moments just isn’t right — the majority are not awkward. “That awkward moment” is stuff that happens in everyday life. It’s simply not awkward. Oh, man, I saw my ex-boyfriend at dinner once with another girl. It would have been really awkward, but I did the mature thing and waved politely before following the waitress to our seat. And about that one time when that guy was watching me dance in my car, that’s not awkward on my part. That’s his fault. He was being creepy and watching me dance in my car. That’s weird.
“That awkward moment” needs to end. Not everything in everyday life is awkward, nor does it have to be. People have made assumptions by overplaying simple occurrences in everyday life. If people continue to make things uncomfortable and tense, no one will be comfortable.
I will give people some leeway. There awkward moments happen in real life. When someone walks in on me after I’ve gotten out of the shower and lingers a bit, that’s awkward. Or when I call in sick to work and then rear end my shift manager on the way to the mall — that’s awkward. This life makes plenty of room for awkward moments. Even though, they aren’t the ones I see tweeted and posted up on Facebook. But the day I see a “That awkward moment when you are the cashier at Gerbes, and you check out your father who doesn’t pay child support, and he doesn’t recognize you” Facebook status, I will know the general population has reached my standards.
Even if they are really awkward, “that awkward moment” tweets and statuses need to disappear. Not only are they obnoxious and, for the most part, not really awkward, I will never get past the cliché aspect of them. They’re everywhere. And if you haven’t made a “that awkward moment” comment on any social network or in real life, you live under a rock.
A big sound-proofed rock.
At the bottom of the ocean.
Or on Mars.
So keep tweeting about “that awkward moment when you want a milkshake but have no milk” because I will keep mentally scorning them for their unbelievably stupid premise. It’s really not that awkward. The milk’s just gone. Seriously, the other day I saw a hawk eating a kitten. Hawkward. No. Stop.
Today, I hate “that awkward moment.”
By Shannon Freese