Holiday floral designs on sale

Duha Shebib

The smell of pinecones and warm cinnamon candles overcome the senses; the floors are sprawled with glitter and ornaments. What was once a workshop has transformed into a holiday retail store.
Tuesday and Wednesday the CACC’s Floral and Plant Design class hosts a holiday sale from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the green house shop. Students are selling handmade Christmas centerpieces, wreaths and festive floral design for the holiday season.
“All the money we earned from [the shop sales] will go back into the program,” instructor Sherie Rodekohr said. “The proceeds will help us buy more material for students to learn more as each seasons goes by. “
Junior Minuette Layer says creating the holiday designs has given her an opportunity to produce her best work. Another incentive for her efforts, she said, is knowing what she and her classmates make will potentially land on dinner tables during the holiday festivities.
Rodekohr says the students in her class have been working to fill orders as well as create one-of-a-kind designs for costumers. Some have even come in on weekends to help.
“We do the sale so that students have the opportunity to showcase the items that they made,” Rodekohr said, “but also so that students can have the experience of running a plant sale and learn about the floral business.”
The prices for the holiday designs range from $6.50 for potted poinsettias to $10 for candle centerpieces, and will help fund the class throughout the year.
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